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Yesterday's bike ride went passed the Grumman A-6 Intruder Twin jet engine fighter. Was in service between 1963 - 1997...It was designed as an all weather attack aircraft in Marine close air support..

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Here at Calverton, Grumman tested the planes they built. They left February 14, 1996... giving the 6,000 acres owned by the US Navy to the Town of Riverhead and others..

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Now the only thing that flies around here are me and the other bikers.


It is a park ?

Small park with 2 plane exhibit to public most of the time..

Don't let the wind that blows you while you speed deceive you and other bikers into thinking y'all fly.

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Don't spoil it and tell my I can't fly..

Hahaha 😅 I'm beginning to fall in love with trolling that's why I'm ruining it for you

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Your doing a good job.. have fun..🤡

ahhh, an enemy plane :)

No more thank goodness..