MY PHOTO OF THE DAY • Trumpet fish


Trumpet fish

Only one photo, only one theme, that's the purpose of my articles classed "PHOTO OF THE DAY".


Nice dive this morning, south of Tarrafal bay. A very lively site with very curious models! San Antao - Cape Verde
Jolie plongée ce matin, au sud de la baie de Tarrafal. Un site très vivant avec des modèles très curieux ! San Antao - Cap Vert

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Hehe, what a funny looking fish. I've seen other people participate in the #Seaphotography. How many photos were you supposed to use in this challenge?

If you post many photo I will consider the first one. Welcome on the contest ! Have a look on the small guidelines in the submission post of the Monday !

Oh, ok. Nice challenge, when I can capture some photos of the ocean, I'm sure I would participate in this challenge. :)

Really does look like a Trumpet fish how cool is that 😆

Yes we have trumpet fish, flute fish, guitar shark, etc... !!!! Diving in Music !

Definitely a beautiful different world under there 😁