Patterns in nature and a suicidal ant

Hey all

Just some nice flower images for you today. Something nice and relaxing in these times of turmoil. I haven't got much to say at the moment, just been taking pictures and trying not to concentrate too much on how shitty the human race is.




And there has to be at least one image of fauna of course. This one I call "Staring into the Abyss".





Awesome photos as always. That ant one is great.

Cheers, ants are hard to shoot. I think this is the first one I've nailed focus on the eyes in a long time.

That first shot is pretty stunning Mark, the linear gradient is great.

Cheers matey. I've been waiting for one of those to open up nice and uniformly for a while now. Finally got a good shot of it.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Looks like the ant wants to go diving. Cool shot.

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WOW. these extraordinary works must have been overlooked. congratulations. I appreciate and watch your good deeds with admiration.