So, how do you spend your free time fellas?

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It's been a week already since the last post I made. As a matter of fact ever since June I rarely have time to post anything.

Not only because of the huge workload I always have during the summer months but also because I make sure to spend the limited time I have to discover small hidden paradises in the capital...till I am officially on vacations.


And I intend to keep it that way till the very end of the Greek summer. Don't worry...those few who do... I ain't going anywhere and you won't get rid of me so easily...

I always have time for Hive and I watch closely all the progress that is being made daily. To be honest with ya all I am more optimistic about Hive's future than ever before.

That's exactly why I keep buying and powering up in small chunks.

Hive is is the entire crypto world and all that but never forget that it's the means to enjoy real life.

Taking a step back from posting and explore places I've never visited before even though they could be right before my very own eyes is what I enjoy most these days.


Don't mind me...just lemme watch the sun going down....with close friends and the love of my life...a couple of beers and some great music and I am a happy man.


So, how do you spend your free time fellas?

Drop me some cool images in the comment section if you enjoy what nature has to offer, just like I do.

I hope you're all safe.

Have a good one.


PS. I ain't gonna use the #posh tag for this one because I have a feeling that nobody on Twitter would give a fuck about the way I spend my free time. :P


I spend most of my free time with my son and or in the pool.

I really like the way you talk about your son Mark. Really. One doesn't have to be an expert to realize how much you love him.

Pool eh? Sounds a great choice if the closest beach is miles away.

I prefer pools, not a big fan of swimming in lakes or oceans.

I don't like lakes as well. But I would love to see and swim in the ocean one day.

You have never seen or swam in the ocean before?

Nah, never before even though I love traveling. I have to plan a trip to the US or Asia at some point

Looks like you are in relax mode :)

That. But I've read every analysis you've uploaded so far 😊

Και εγώ με τον γιο μου περνάω τον ελεύθερο χρόνο ο οποίος είναι και ελάχιστος!!!!
Καλές διακοπές

Καλες διακοπες και σε σενα Νικο!

well when i am not learning one programming language or writing a post, or building a community, I tend to listen to music or talk to my girlfriend. That's all the fun I can afford now and it is enough for me

There's no right or wrong bud. Whatever puts a smile on your face is probably the right thing to do

Some "free time" in Sweden right now, with my son and two grandkids.
Free time is nevertheless relatively, hahaha (promised to install floorheating in his bathroom and hallway and am busy tiling both areas right now).
So, although it's more like a workvacation, I'm enjoying every minute of being with them.

Take care mate.

You lucky guy! Being close to your family...what else could you ask for? Oh, yeah some relaxation...I know.

Hey make sure to take some shots and demonstrate your work around here. You are an artist too!

Take care as well mate!

A pesar de la COVID-19, estamos a salvo.
Excelentes reflexiones y mejores imágenes.
La vida es así, sencilla y divertida. No debemos presionarnos.



Mis hijos de pesca en Choroní, Venezuela.

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