Killing history - dark and unsharp

in #photography8 months ago

Sometimes things can be dark, our vision is not sharp. That is what I learned taking the pictures - you just have to take them - regardless of the effect.

If you put years of understanding the light, composition, colours and photography in general it's easier to do things without thinking about them, it's obviously second nature.

This is also how we develop as a humans, we just follow what is in our human genes without thinking - maybe those things we developed aren't right, it isn't ours, we have to stop for a minute, see who we are and what we can do in order to change some habits, maybe kill our past demons, maybe learn new perspective so we can re-write our own history so we not repeated one - bad one.

Here are some shots taken in Italy, Milan.






Really great pics

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Learning bad habits is as easy as learning good ones but we should never get stuck on them and continue to learn and unlearn always.

The end of learning is the beginning of death.