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During the weekend one of the days I visited this event which was organized at one of the Malls in the city. It was on their terrace garden. This place has been quite dead since a last couple of years because lately many new malls have come up in the city which offers more variety and also have entertainment factor so this place now people have not been visiting much. They have a very big terrace area which could be put to so many different uses, but they were not doing anything until now. I visited on Saturday and there was a good footfall at the event. I was not expecting much crowd over there but to my surprise the place was full. Good for them, because this will increase the footfall in the mall also.

These days too many events are happening in the city and they will continue for the next 2 weeks until the start of Ramadan, after that things will go quiet and sober for a month, since it's the holy month of Ramadan and people will be fasting through out the day.

The entrance of the event. A good photo background point.


There were quite a few performances at the event, there was a bubble show, fire show and a magic show and few other games. The bubble show I really liked it because it was something very unique and I had never seen anything like that before.

That looked very dangerous but she was doing it comfortably.

The Fire act


There was a bazaar also with some traditional things to sell


There was a game section for Children

The Candy man for children. They were giving it for free so there was a big queue here of not only children but elders also :-)

That's the Omani sweet, called Omani Halwa. Almost over.

The weather being nice it was quite a fun time on the Terrace area, there were some food stalls as well. I relished on some Indian food and that was the wrap up of the weekend.

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Omani halva? what is it made of? do you like it?

It's made of sugar, butter, semolina and nuts. Some of the local people make it from raw sugar which they get from the sugarcane grown in their fields, I prefer to have that. But it's heavy so can't have more of it. Well, I do not have much taste for it, so once in a while a spoon or two, that's it

oh yeah...really heavy;) not for us, my dear;)

The fine act is really obvious and it is quite astonishing how it is been done

It looks like she's holding fire with her bare hands, definitely a spectacle to watch and marvel at. The place looks lively with a good number of experiences to explore and have a great time.

It does look like that and while she was performing I was feeling scared looking at her so closely working with fire

I’ve never been to events like this and I can’t wait to attend one
I want to see those trucks in real life and not on the phone anymore
I’m sure it will be fun

It is fun, here it keeps happening a lot, almost every weekend and it's a very common affair

I think you really enjoyed this event.! I can see many amazing performance in this event! The overall look of the place is very beautiful!
Loved these captures!

It was a nice event not very noisy, just the way I would like it so I did really enjoy it