A Swedish Adventure

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GothenburgArchipelago (Vrångö) (234 of 367).jpg

After traveling to Gothenburg and living there for 6 months I have experienced life the Swedish way and have come to understand more about the culture than I ever thought I would. I arrived having seen the largest snow flakes I have ever encountered and made friends who I will keep for life. Through exploring the city and surrounding areas it is easy to see why Scandinavia has such a great reputation from the majestic Pine trees and vibrant red squirrels to the crisp divide between the old and new Scandinavian styled architecture.

GothenburgArchipelago (Vrångö) (217 of 367).jpgOn the island of Vrångö in the Gothenburg Archipelago

Gothenburg has so many draw cards, there is space everywhere you look devoted to different things, you would be forgiven for thinking that Gothenburg is a student city since it boasts two universities and the University of Gothenburg itself sprawls all over the city with its main building in the centre and specific faculty campuses scattered far and wide. The university also has ties with regional towns to aid with research. The following photos show some of the campuses around the City.



VolvoMuseum (46 of 399).jpg

Wandering-1973.jpgSamhällsvetenskapliga biblioteket the Social Sciences Library

VolvoMuseum (35 of 399).jpg
Studying for an Assignment Seulki Kim and Shiu Kan from The Swedish Model and Equality: Family Policy and Gender Relations

Many of the Swedish university courses offered to international students are designed to help the global understanding of the Swedish culture, where it has come from and how it benefits society. In comparison to Australia there are many more stay at home fathers the parenthood responsibility is shared equally, and there is a greater equality for women particularly in pay rates.

Wandering-1954.jpgHaga Kyrkan

Attractions within the city's reach by public transport include the Archipelago Islands, Slottskogen park, Liseberg, botanic gardens, many lakes and inlets, a great bar scene and as much shopping as you could possibly need!




A friendly local

Of course there are also Semla Buns up until the end of March, they are available everywhere whilst they are being made and the bun has to be one of the best sweet cakes I've ever had. Whilst most Swedes only have 4-5 a year I'll admit to having one most days they were available for breakfast, best matched with Swedish filtered coffee!

untitled-1730.jpgphoto credit: Sophie Kitchen, Visit her Instagram Here


Svenska is very different from the English language however it has some linguistic ties to Bahasa Indonesia which I have studied in the past, I therefore picked up the vocabulary reasonably quickly and was able to read context after a couple of months. When it came to speaking the language most Swedes know English and asking them if it was okay usually returned a smile.

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During the winter Sweden is cold and dark - when we arrived the sun was rising around 10am and setting just after 3pm so there wasn’t much time for daylight. The snow helped by reflecting the moonlight when it was visible and also the streetlights but the best experience came from the candles lit everywhere during the winter. On top of this the summer was the complete opposite - if anyone is reading this and intending to go during summer, make sure you have blackout blinds! The photo below was taken on an iPhone at 11:58pm and yet there was still light in the sky from the sunset!


Studied four courses on the exchange with 3 related to Scandinavian economic history and one on the Economic Integration of the European Union. After jumping in at the deep-end having not known anything about the EU up until this semester, it was quite a shock learning a level 3 course on the subject. I feel as though I have brought back some knowledge that would be useful in moving Australia forward and now feel like we should integrate the whole world. It is very clear that for such a community with such a far right political environment, Sweden is one country with the right way to do it. Everyone in the community seems very happy and even though the taxes are so high Swedes are happy and willing to pay them! You wouldn't ever here that in a country like Australia! So the government in Sweden much be doing something right.



Upon coming home from my experience I would not change a thing! Its already time for me to start planning the next one and any time someone asks me about my experience so much has happened that its difficult for me to stop and let them speak!


Have you been to Sweden or anywhere else in Scandinavia? I'd love to hear of your experience!

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welcome nikonmarshall,,,, and good luck

Nice post. Enjoyed reading it. I didnt know much about the Swedish culture before. Looks like a nice country. Great work!

I've never been to Sweden but would love to go there in summer! I didn't know their language was similar to Bahasa, that's very interesting!

Hi @peterveronika it is beautiful in the summer and charming in the winter, if you are looking at going in the summertime though make sure you prepare yourself with an eye mask as the days are very long!

great pics of swiss

Not quite Switzerland however not too far away, hope to go there next time I'm in Europe. Thank you for your comment.

I could know about your journey and see many beautiful Photograph

I have been twice to Sweden it is definetely an attractive country both in winter and summer! Nice post thanks for sharing

Very attractive for sure @philfreetotravel and you have a great name on here! Thanks for your comment.

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@fotonero thanks for all the mentions! I'll be sure to check out your posts.

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very nice photo

This I can only confirm, Sweden is a nice country with friendly people. In Sweden the domestication of the human was successful.

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loved it...

I always wanted to visit Sweden
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