Hi, I'm a Photographer from Australia

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I'm Nick and this is a friend of mine from Abisko, Finland.


I'm a passionate South Australian recently moved to Sydney to experience and love life in a big city, I am obsessed with photography and have made a life of it for the last few years. Travels in the lucky country are accompanied by the trusty Huey a 1989 ex-military Land Rover Defender. I'll post some of my work on here and I would love to know your thoughts, I'd love to hear any of your advice, praise or constructive criticism.

NIKON D40_Lapland-4724.jpg

The move to Sydney has given me a chance to work for a forward thinking Accounting firm where many of our clients are startup companies and a substantial amount of them are disruptors in their respective industries, it is here that I have learnt about all the great ideas that people have for the world of the blockchain and some of the cryptocurrencies involved in it. I'm an adventurer at heart however I never stop thinking about where the world can become a more friendly, efficient and collaborative place. I love being able to help people change the world for the better and cannot think of a better way to do that than through technological advancement.


010NIKON D7000_8304.jpg

The photos you see here are snippets of my recent adventures from living in Sweden, adventuring in America and chilling on the Island of Zanzibar.



I love Australia and will always consider it home, so you may see a few posts from the outback or my favourite parts of the Australian Coastline.

MareeBirdsville (338 of 631).jpg

010NIKON D7000_8066-01.jpeg

010NIKON D7000_8102-01.jpeg

I am a firm believer that the technology driving the change today is going to have a profound impact on the profession in the near future and I would like to be a part that. Hence I have joined the community to share my thoughts, adventures and life experiences to show you where I have come from, how my opinions have been formed and where I think the world is heading.

So let me ask you a question or two to you:

What countries drive your curiosity?

What would you like to know about me?


So fellow Steemians, it's a pleasure to meet you! If you are looking for something to do visit my instagram or leave a comment and I'll tell you all about my next adventure!


Awesome shots Nick. What camera are you shooting with?

Thank you @mooshoo I'm using a trusty old Nikon d7000 with a 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, and then my phone when I don't have the camera with me.

Welcome to Steemit! Sweet pictures man, look forward to more. I;m interested in southeast Asia right now. Might be a little while before I can get there ,but yah. I think it is the culture that drives me there. Where would you go?

Thanks @diezeldiddy! look forward to seeing some shots from Asia! Back to Europe is next on my list and then hopefully Japan. Where about's in Asia are you looking?

Japan would be awesome! I was thinking Thailand or Cambodia.

Welcome to steemit, beautiful photos.

Welcome to Steemit! I love the first photo so much!! Any animal photos get my vote! Followed for more :D

Thanks @amavi, look forward to seeing more of Steemit too! Such a great idea!

First of all, welcome to steemit!

Second, these are some amazing photos. I would like to be at that pool in Zanzibar right now.

Third, we have a pretty strong Team Australia community going here on steemit to support each other. If you'd like to be part of it, then please check out this link for the instructions on how to join https://steemit.com/teamaustralia/@choogirl/team-australia-new-recruits-update-04-11-17-and-lots-of-stuff-going-on

Thanks @choogirl can't wait to see what it's all about! Thank you for the heads up 😃

I followed you :)

Thanks @jisung nice to meet you!

Hi, mate! welcome to steemit! It is nice to see more and more photographers sharing quality work, so i am following you.
You could also take a look at BeScouted a photography community on Steem blockchain that rewards photographers for sharing photos same way as steemit does :)

Thanks @bescouted I'll be sure to check it out, looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

Welcome to steemit, hope you enjoy being here! What drives us when traveling is discovering different cultures, seeing beautiful places and experiencing new adventures.
How long did you spend in Zanzibar and would you recommend going there for a week's holiday?

Hi @peterveronika thank you for your welcome and in answer to your question I spent just under a week there flying in from Australia. A week will be plenty of time to see the local culture and enjoy the spectacular beaches, I will put a post up about my experience so you can have a bit more insight and some suggestions on what to see if you like.

Oh dear lord, your photos are fantastic! I bet Australia is a hub of inspiration for photography! Looking forward to seeing your posts from there and also other places of course and following your travels! :) p.s. the deer in the first picture is just precious... :)

Thank you very much @lostinhappiness I am very lucky to be living in Australia, I just need to get out and take more photos. It's incredible the diverse shots you can get here when you explore a bit further out from the cities. I loved meeting the Reindeer in Abisko, I'll be sure to post some more photos of them!

@nikonmarshall - being an e-resident of Estonia I am curious about the country that I have never visited by is a digital citizen of. I'd love to know how you first got into photography and what is the most unusual thing that you have taken a photo of :)

Sounds like Sydney is starting to be a place like Cambridge! :) Not really that high tech yet with all the start-ups (there is a WeWork branch...so maybe that's a sign? hehehe)

Wow great article, I had not idea that Cambridge was as forward thinking as that too! Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to head there next time I'm in the UK. Hopefully not that far away!

Nice to meet you, Nick! 👋
Hello Abisko! LOL

Nice to meet you to @pinay

Hello Nick ! Of course - Nick is with Nikon :)

Hello @aurumv haha I could not help myself, Nikon all the way!

Cool photos :) love that one of woman in blue dress :) what kind of photos are you into ?