The rarest 10 flowers in the world, humanity may never see again

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No one denies how beautiful the world is in the spring, as trees gather new leaves and flowers of different colors. Birds, butterflies and even humans thrive. Personally, this is my favorite season. On this list we will look at some of the amazing flowers that unfortunately we will not see next spring. Flowers are rare and endangered. The reason for their rare flowers is that humans do not have the ability to live in harmony with nature. For example, Of the flow freely, which leads to the death of many frogs and fish, which in turn leads to the inability of certain birds to find their food, which prevents the non-vaccination of some flowers. Which eventually leads to the extinction of this plant.

  1. Jade vine (macrobotrys Strongylodon)

    Jade vine is a rare plant that grows mainly in tropical rainforests in the Philippines. It is a family of peas and beans and is closely related to beans. Her flowers grow in a cluster shape up to 3 meters long. Her color varies from green to blue to mint color.

They are hard to spread, making them vulnerable to extinction by destroying their environment.

  1. The flowers of the corpse (Ravlisia Arnoldi)

    These magnificent flowers were found mainly in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia. It is one of the rarest and largest flowers and endangered. The diameter of more than a meter. Usually triggers a distinctive smell flies flies and beetles to help them in the process of pollination.
  2. Silene tomentosa

    This type of wild mound is rare and is present only in Gibraltar. It was considered extinct in 1980, and in 1992 all traces of this species disappeared. However, in 1994 a sample was discovered One by the side of a mountain climber.
    7 - Franklin tree (Franklinia alatamaha)

    This tree belongs to the family of tea, a flowering plant is very rare .taud origins to the river in Georgia. The Altamaha it disappeared since the beginning of the 19th century
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  3. parrot 's beak flowers (Lotus berthelotii)

    classified this beautiful flower Among the rare flowers since 1984, it is believed to have been completely extinct from the wild, but some species have been saved and protected in some gardens.
    5 - Cosmos chocolate

    flowers tend to be dark red and brown, her country is the Crusader Mexico. It was extinct 100 years ago, but it was cloned one of them in 1902.
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    4 - (Kokai)

    It is a rare quarrel, her native Hawaiian, discovered in 1860, and is considered a hard-spreading plant. The only survivor tree was found to be extinct in 1970. These trees grow to a height of about 10 to 11 meters. Its bright red flowers.
  4. Cypripedium calceolus

    is a very rare species of plants that grows in Europe and is characterized by the difficulty of propagation due to its dependence on growth on some fungi. It is characterized by beautiful flowers in the form of slippers without heels. It is considered expensive, with a price of $ 5000 American plant.
    Epicogium aphyllum

These girls have been completely extinct 20 years ago, but they have recently found some species.
It is also a plant that is difficult to spread because of its dependence on fungi, and does not install lighters. This plant can live underground for years, but it does not bloom to the optimal conditions.
1 - Red camellia flowers
are one of the rarest species of flowers, where there are only two places in New Zealand gardens and gardens of Britain. They were brought in 1804 from China. They are reddish-pink flowers