How to improve your mobile phone images

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I've noticed many of you content creators use your mobile phones to take your pictures. There seems to be plenty of scope to improve the quality of your photos. I believe you stand to gain a lot from better image quality. I, for one, am more likely to give you a bigger vote as a curator if I'm not distracted by poor image quality.

There is a lot of material on the internet available for free that you can study. But here's something you can start with:


You are so right. Image quality is very important. It's hard for me to hand out large votes to images that are blurry or from a shitty camera phone. I'm lucky my iPhone XS takes amazing photos and videos.

To be honest, it's not the camera that takes the photos. It's entirely possible to take perfectly adequate pictures with a cheap phone camera and fuck up your pics even if you have an expensive DSLR at your disposal.

But yes, I agree blurry or poorly exposed photos are pretty useless. I won't any original works if not tag abuse but I won't upvote them, either, if the image quality is shit.

Yea you’re certainly right. Know how behind the lense is a huge factor. I think high quality cameras have a higher peak of excellence, yet weaker cameras are still capable of producing hq images if done properly.
Lighting, angles, all of that’s kind of stuff comes into play.

Thankfully I had an eye for photos and can frame them with ease for my own posts.

No downvotes in og works from me either, but I can’t spend large portions of my voting power on something that I know could have been done a little better.

I fully agree. Learning enough of the basics of photography to avoid the very worst mistakes isn't too difficult. It would take spending a few nights studying theory and just a lot of trial and error as one goes along. Paying attention is key. The typical non-photographer could up the level of their photos quite rapidly if they paid attention at all.

Your photos are actually pretty good and the content is simple but effective. If I may suggest, you could improve it in small ways within the parameters you've chosen (no face, no voices). For example, you might want to consider shooting creampies when you're done if that's ok with your partners.

I’m thankful that I once had a job at a photo studio, it got me programmed to take great photos always.


I’ve got some creampie videos. But it’s hard for me to shoot content nonstop with my busy life. I release my photos/gifs/videos gradually instead of all at once.
I’ll post actual videos with sound once the dporn tube site is running.

Also, probably won’t be revealing any faces. The girls are never okay with that. None of these girls are professionals, just having some fun with me.
Voices, now that will be possible in future videos

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