Let’s see Prague’s golden lights

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When it gets dark, Prague magically turns itself into city of gold. All the tourist sights are lit as if night never came. Charles Bridge keeps drowning in sea of people long after last rays of Sun were changed with golden glowing street lamps. You can hardly see people without cameras taking pictures of other people taking pictures of…

If you look beyond the obvious, you can see silhouette of a statue on background of shining church, a soldier from stone hidden by darkness of a river, hidden street lamp that was last time cleaned in times of kings and queens and magical show of light and dark fighting for the streets of Prague.









How to prove ownership of your pictures

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Lovely place. We went under it on a boat trip, then crossed over it on foot. Many statues dotted along the length of it. Simply fabulous.

Charles Bridge is one of the nicest old bridge in Europe.

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Prague was probably my favourite place to visit in Europe. Thanks for sharing, I really loved the photo of the streetscape and canal :)

Thanks, I would also recommend to see Budapest or Wien, both have beautiful Roman buildings.

Yeh I went to budapest. Even got to fly a plane for 20 euro lol