A Trip Through The Park

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How did I get here?

Oh yeah

Are these my veins?


Flying over orange forests

Diving into the microscopic

There are hidden treasures

No matter where I look

The ground bleaches

As I reach ancient bones

I follow their fossil footprints

A three eyed tree tells me to turn around and look

at my fresh grave.


Did you set the formatting to Shatner?

I just had to. Thanks for the idea @returnkey and for the writing @pfunk

Dayuuum! That's like the highest possible compliment in the known universe, other than getting a handshake from Chuck Norris, of course...despite having no hand left after doing so ;)

Hahahahaha thank you

LOL no but feel free to read it that way. Hell, read it over a low-key jazz backing Shatner-style and submit it to the Steemit Open Mic: https://steemit.com/openmic/@luzcypher/open-mic-night-week-2-record-your-musical-performance-using-just-a-phone-and-win-steem-dollars

$10 SBD to you if you do. Serious.

Some of the most beautiful photography that I've ever scene! My compliments to you, @pfunk :)

For some reason the abstract macro imagery makes me want to drop some shrooms. Yeah!

This is actually a D.A.R.E. ad :P

This is truly fitting! Beauty inspired tears - something I have too few memories of.

dare to do DMT ad? :)

Double D.A.R.E.

Those imgs are trippy dud. Upvoted & Followed.

Thanks man

Wow that butterfly photo was just AWESOME!

Thanks Quinn :) I wanted to do one of those deep dream type art melds with it but took a shortcut and used a less-meldy app that made it kind of cel-shaded. Then I used different intensities of the filter for different layers and feathered them down so that the little guy was more clear.

Very well done, artistic and beautiful. Nice job!

You have some unique photos @pfunk. My favorites are the grave and butterfly. Did you use an app to create the effect for the butterfly photo?

Thank you goldmatters

Uniquely fun phono story.

Thank you

Interesting and cool collection of photos!

Thank you daveks

Trippy ride, should try viewing again under influence of undisclosed substance :D

Happy trails shieha :)

@pfunk I'm not sure I could be more in love with a post as I am this one. Upvoted and resteemed for sure.

<3 Thanks Jessamyn

Cool! It looks like I eat some magic mushrooms 8)

Eat carefully.

Like a scene out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I've always had a soft spot for the Kramer character, such a fitting word for Kramer - character.

Staahp, now you really got me trippin'.

Really nice and different from what we see around here...

Very nice shots! But do cut down on the LSD 8-).

Shot and edited 100% sober if you can believe it 8)

Beautiful! <3

Where were these taken?

Thank you so much! At a park :)

Ah not giving too much away there ;) haha

Shame my own local park doesn't have stone like this, but I guess the trick is to really find the little beauties!

Holy hell that was awesome poetry. The photos only made it super saiyan level 9000. Where have you been hiding this stuff?? I doubled back through your blog to make sure I hadn't missed it somewhere over the last 3 months. Super impressed with this whole package and really hope to see more photopoetry from you :)

Praise from Caesar. Thank you @prufarchy! I saw a narrative in some boring photos I shot the other day and went with it. It might happen again.

haha not even... well, maybe Caesar Chavez ;) Here's to it happening again, cheers!

Its real good post.

Thank you very much @kajirujohn

I liked your article. Helps you like mine ♥ @siams

Very very nice work! Following you

I appreciate it :)


Thanks p0o

these shots are mindfuckingly good man, cheers

Thanks walden :)

Nice photo story! I like the mossy tree bark 'glitch' part way through the story.

Glad you like it! Thank you

Excellent! I love the close-ups and the quick messages behind - but I think my favorite one is the freshly dug grave. It's powerful and not so much eye candy. :)

Thank you so much! The concept of this post was born after I finished editing that photo in black and white.

Good compilation of shots! Showcases the awesomeness hidden in the randomness around us :)

Thank you! Every time I hear a complaint from myself or a friend that there's nothing to take photos of, I try to remember that within 10 feet there is an award-winning photograph, always. It's just up to you to make it.

This is awesome. Love the photos and the unique perspective! :o)

Thank you very much @birdie

Crazy shit, haha! Love it! Upvoted. Sunny regards from Canary Islands and keep us posted

Thanks Marly :) Send some heat my way too

Haha, promised! :-)

Fantastic photos!

I appreciate that @smooth, I know you don't always comment :)

Incredible colors. Nice job!

Very interesting! Did you break out a microscope for some of those shots?
I found the tree bark with moss quite interesting!

Thanks :) All shots were taken with the 24-120mm f/4 Nikkor zoom except the mushrooms which was a focus stack of a handful of pictures taken with a Tamron 90mm macro.

nice picture.. beautiful..

Thank you very much @phanie90 :)

OMG! These photos are really amazing!!

Thank you!

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A tree with a third eye! That's a find! Awesome photography.

Hah thank you.

epic post, great pics and idea !

Some serious Trippy Pictures ! Wow

Tell me please. If I want to insert a photo from the site I need to put a link to the source ? If possible an example of such a content on steemit . Thank you.

How the hell did I miss this? Great shots. The textures are awesome! This one is my favourite:

The colours are almost like a painting and it could be a modern art piece.

HAH. Don't tempt me, I might just try to put it in a modern gallery.

Very creative, I like seeing new types of content. I have been experimenting too.


re: experimentation: Cool, post what you're working on :D

I love this post! Colors and textures are mesmerising!!

Thank you Omi :)

waooh its great, upvote and follow me !!