Golden Hour: charming Christmas sunset over Krakow park

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I cannot believe I have been skipping the golden hour series here on my blog for a month already. That must be the longest time without a fresh sunset picture from me so let me make up for it today. I just got back from a pretty decent, yet very freezing walk around Krakow and despite the cold weather, it was actually a beautiful sunny day and I even managed to capture some interesting sunset shots after a while again. Let me now share one of them with you :)


I took the picture just above the Bednarski Park, close to one of my favorite natural spots here in the city. I know you cannot really tell by the thin, innocently looking layer of snow on the ground but it felt really cold over there (the thermometer now reads -8 C / 17.6 F). Still, however, I couldn´t resist and took a few shots of the winter landscape lit up by some of the last rays of the setting sun.

I hope you have been having an amazing Christmas guys. We have been enjoying ours for sure and that´s actually also why I haven´t been very active here on Hive in the past few days. Sorry about that but no worries, I will start catching up with your post and comments tomorrow ;)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and have a great start to the new week tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how Hive will be doing on the market :)

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Oh wow -8 Celcius degree, I think I cannot survive over there @phortun. But the scenery there is stunning through your photo. And post about godlen hour more regularly.

Thanks buddy :) Honestly, we struggle in this cold too :D :/ All those winters spent in the tropics and subtropics spoiled me I guess haha :D Well, I posted a golden hour post every Sunday in the past but it´s been very busy and hectic here on the chain lately, I struggle to keep up my with my old routine... Hive is on fire, that´s for sure :)

Hope that you will settle everything soon and go back to post regularly. But at least Hive and busyness can warm you up a little bit during the cold winter. 😁

What a lovely shot.
Enjoy your holidays :)

Lovely but freezing :D Thanks man, same to you.

Skoro na poslední chvíli :-)
za použití #aroundtheworld

Stunning, it looks so peaceful 🙂

Thank you! :)

You guys just have better view of the sun than this place here. I will check the photo series now

You think so? It was actually after many cloudy days that we finally got to see the sun again :D

I think so. Because over there I know things are really cool

Awesome shot buddy it looks very Christmassy 🎅🎄🎅

Thanks man! It was a very cold but nice walk.

But worth it by looking at the results 👍