Updated whitelist.

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The following is an update/record of the current PHOTO token Whitelist.

Tag yourself down below if you wish to be added to the free 5 token per day tier.

Delegate 100 HP to receive 10 tokens per day.

Delegate 1000 HP to receive 150 tokens per day.

Free 5 token per day Tier:


10 tokens per day tier:


150 token per day tier:


I declined the payout of this post: So consider voting it at 100% and/or re-blogging. That way we can get more #photography users on the free 5 token per way whitelist!


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Please add me @libertycrypto27
Thanks a lot

I just put you on my re-hive & upvote list... hope this will give you more visibility!
Good luck with the project 👍

Hello @phototoken!
Please add @shasta! Thank you! :-)

delegated 100, hope it helps

Thank you.
Every delegation helps.

Free stuff why not @bashadow would like a few.

Please add me too, thanks:

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