Portraits of a Kakaki Player!

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The Kakaki is a dramatically long musical instrument, they get up to 4 meters long!

It is an African wind instrument most attributed to the Hausa tribe in Nigeria but found in a few other countries.

The Kakaki is usually reserved for special occasions where it is played
exclusively to kings and sultans. There are not many expert players.

This is not just any Kakaki player, he plays at the palace of the Ooni of Ife, the most prestigious Yoruba king. This usually happens whenever the king makes an entrance.

We ran into him during a recent visit to the palace.



Here’s me taking a pose too


Camera: iPhone XS MAX

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Kakaki is so highly placed among the Hausa traditional musical instruments due to its use in the Palace of Emirs.

The sound of Kakaki, almost always, tells you the Emir is around the corner.

Nice pictures you have here.

Wow, great to find someone that can relate on here. Thanks a lot!

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