Beautiful morning with a picture of beetles

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

this is a kind of leaf beetle that I can see being in a plant growing around a bamboo fence from a garden adjacent to a garden


When I take the children to the garden or to the field in the morning, before opening the shop, I often see leaf beetle, both Aulacophora foveicollis and Lilioceris sp. this is wandering around the bamboo fence. In the end, every time I cross the bamboo fence, my eyes are always directed there trying to locate the leaf beetles and hope to find something interesting from their daily activities. And finally one morning, I saw a pair of Lilioceris sp. this is being married.


Perhaps because I was disturbed by my presence, the leaf beetle couple Lilioceris sp. who was marrying on a pineapple fence that grew up near the bamboo fence was finally trying to go from its original place by walking up to the nearby vines. At that time I was still trying to take some pictures until I was finally abandoned by my children guided by his mama to keep walking home


Actually I've had several times had time to see and take photos of the leaf beetle Lilioceris sp. who was mating, but only this time the results are quite good

Hopefully my afternoon story can like you all thanks :)