My First Drone Flight

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

Good day!

I recently have gotten into the UAS space aka Unmanned Aircraft Systems aka drones. This past week I was blessed with beautiful weather to take the maiden voyage up into the skies after getting everything set up.

For those of you who are curious, I acquired the Mavic Pro. This was based upon multiple months of research for my needs, and being such a user friendly piece of equipment.

The goal is to get much better at producing cinematography that I can bless you all with. My hopes is to spread what I learn along the journey, and get better and better with each video.

Here is my first video below - my apologies on the watermark and poor transitions as I have a long way to go with getting a better computer to manage the 4k footage, and purchasing the right video editing software. This video has zero post modifications outside of what Movavi has automatically generated with their movie clip generator. I cannot take any credit other than flying the drone and working the angles.

Any recommendations on computer rig or editing software, please let me know in the comments...

Stay blessed fam!


Now we have to race our drones! 😀
Nice first video, you will get better every flight.
👍 Resteemed

Thanks man, I am so exited to fly every chance I get. Practice makes perfect.
You are on! Loser packs the bowl haha