A horror experience!

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Today's post is about a Miracle Hotel.

We all know well what a hotel means. So I didn't talk about the meaning of a hotel separately. There are many types of hotels in our country. Many of them are big and many are small. However, our country needs both. Rich people usually like big hotels. Bangladesh is not such a rich country. Most people in this country are poor. So they survive the small hotels. There are many differences between five star hotels and small hotels. He has many different types of security at the Five Star Hotel. However, low quality hotels do not have the security. Then most of the people are choice small hotels. It is heard that many miracles occur in many hotels.

And the worst that can happen is usually in small hotels like these. This types of event is heard by many people. Because so many people suffer from such incidents. It sounds like something amazing happens in many hotels. Many horror stories can be heard from many people. Today I would like to discuss such a horror story. And this is a completely real event. My grandfather told us about this. I tell you exactly what my grandfather said. And I'm telling the story from my grandfather's place...

In our world, there are many kinds of miracles that we usually do not see often. That is why it cannot be believed that there is no supernatural power in the world. Paranormal phenomena still occur in the world at. I had never believed in such an event before, but now I certainly believe it. I have heard many horror story such incidents from many. And the facts are certainly true.

Recently, a miracle happened in our area which caused a lot of excitement in our village. This incident can be heard in the mouth of everyone. Ask greadfather for details about this incident. And that story was, At this hotel, there were some miraculous noises hearing during the night. Sometimes the little baby's cry is heard. And sometimes the loudest laugh is heard. And sometimes strange sounds are heard. Those are terrible words.

The picture above is a picture of a hotel in our area. For special reasons, I do not write the name of this hotel. I've been hearing about hotel events for a long time. But I didn't believe it. Because it never happened to me. So one day I went to investigate the incident. With the help of my friends, I went to the hotel to stay overnight. After dinner, everyone went to sleep. Then around two on the clock. Suddenly hearing a noise made my sleep worse. The sound was like the sound of someone throwing something. So I lose my sleep and I open my eyes to see what happens. Someone has been crying for a while. Smiling again for a while. And for a while he himself was saying something strange voice. Really It is a scary experience. I think this is the end of the story. But no, there are many more left. One by one we all fell asleep. And everyone heard those strange words.

These kind of strange words last for about half an hour. And none of us were ready to see what happened then. Looking out of the hotel through the window, we see a lot of boys and girls playing outside, someone crying and someone laughing. It is impossible to play outside on such a deep night. And the most strange thing is that there are not so many boys and girls in that hotel. So who's playing outside? This is a very strange thing. Then we were all very scared. We couldn't say anything. No more sleep that night. Everyone was sitting in awe. And in the morning I asked the Watchman what had happened that night. Watchman said he didn't see or hear anything last night. That's what happened at night...?? Truly, this is a very unusual event. We never want to experience this. It was very scary experience.

If you have encountered such an incident, please let me know. It was a really bad experience. This event is not meant to scare you. Its main purpose is to present the true facts to you. Hope you got it...

(I am a nature lover. I always try to keep pace with nature. I accept all things of nature as gifts. In this I find true happiness. So I like to write about nature. I hope you will like.)

I an not a writer, but I an always trying to writer something new. I think you like it. If you like my article, please look at the kindness. And forgive me if I'm wrong.

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