Celebrating the Prabarnana Purnima, and Blow up the lanterns!

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Hello friends!

Have a nice day! First of all, I wish you the best and the physical fitness!

Today's post is about celebrate Probarnona Purnima.

Wishing everyone a happy Purnima festival. Today is October 13th, 2019. Today, a religious ceremony of Buddha is celebrated in our country called Prabarana Purnima. This is one of their favorite festival. On this occasion they blow up the lanterns. It is a great enjoyable event for every people. Today I am going to talk about this festival.

I am a follower of Muslim. Most people in our country are muslim. Although I am a Muslim, I respect all other religions. We all live together. We are all together in times of danger. As a result, we can solve all problems. My point is that although religion is different, we are all human and we are brothers. So I respect everyone. And I love being friends with everyone. I have friends from almost all religions in our country. I love them all and they love me too.

I have some Buddhists friends. They love me very much. They invite me to all their festivals. I also try to celebrate with them. Like every time, they invite me today. Today they have a very popular festival. And the name of the festival is Pabarnona Purnima. On receiving their invitation, I went with them to celebrate the festival. We were all very happy together today.

That friend of mine called me at 12 noon today. I went there with them. They are all busy making lanterns. I also tried to help them. But I can't make it so well. Still I tried to make lanterns like them.

The lantern is so beautiful to look at. They are usually made of Thin white paper. We all together bought lanterns made paper, glue, Scissors, Thread, Wax etc. After putting all the ingredients together, we all sat down to make lanterns. We took the spherical iron first. With the help of paper glue, I attached one to the other paper. It really took a lot of fun to make the lantern. We all made about 100-120s of lanterns. Which had different shapes. Some of them were large and some were small. Today, the tallest lanterns is also about 20 feet in length. Really it was looking great.

When evening came, we all reached the temple together with the lanterns. And we started flying lanterns into the sky. The flames started to swell up after they were set on fire. The lanterns look a lot bigger after firing. When the lantern was released, the sky began to rise. Many people have appeared to watch the festival. Everyone was very happy to see the festival. Really It's a very amazing festival. Today I am really enjoy this festival. And thanks to my Buddhist friends. Love you my friend for inviting me there.

(I am a nature lover. I always try to keep pace with nature. I accept all things of nature as gifts. In this I find true happiness. So I like to write about nature. I hope you will like.)

I an not a writer, but I an always trying to writer something new. I think you like it. If you like my article, please look at the kindness. And forgive me if I'm wrong.

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Awesome belief there. God is one, Man is one, All religions are one: the Earth is one country and mankind its citizens. If more people believe and live like you, the world will be a better place sooner than we all think.
Hope you had a great celebration


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