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At the entrance to Salakphet Bay lies Koh Phrao Nok. Years ago, before the west of Koh Chang was developed for tourism, this island and its resort were very popular with Thai visitors. Nowadays the resort, called Sai Khao ‘White Sand’ Resort is deserted and nothing more than a lost place.


I met HIM - "ONE".
He lives all by himself on this wild, little Island.

My Thai was only good enough to ask, if I can look around and take pictures. As far as I understood his name was "ONE". He offered me a bottle of water and we exchanged some smiles before I left. I love it to get in touch with people like him - even without lots of words.


Hi sue-photoart,

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dear Curie Community
thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. :-)

hi dear @sue-photoart, and how did you get to the island? you really had a special meeting with the only inhabitant of the island !! who knows if sometimes he goes ashore to stock up or if he lives on fishing !!
congratulations for the nice photos and your curie vote

thanks @road2horizon we've stayed for a few nights in a hotel nearby on koh chang and visited the island with a boat. by the way we had two Canoes with us to explore around - which we can highly recommend as well. :-) I was asking myself those question as well. But he has a boat and we saw him fishing in the evening as well. :-) Thanks for your interest. Would love to have you on board and share my travel stories with you. We're traveling and working as Volunteers at different places - our adventure is open end. would love to keep in touch. cheers sue


Great photos with great quality, very visual and with a light vintage ehehe

Greetings and happy holidays from Venezuela ♡

thank you @iamsaray :-) highly appreciate your personal comment.
would love if you join me along my adventure around the world. it's nice to grow a small community of people who are interested about our travel and volunteer work stories. would love to have you on board. :-) cheers sue

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It is sad that a place once beautiful is now deserted. Are those beds and tvs left by the previous rest house? I wonder how does ONE live there by himself. Nice of you to go there to get in touch with him :)

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hi dear @marbleley thanks for your personal comment. such a pleasure to grow slowly a community of people who are interested in our adventure around the world. would love to have you on board and keep in touch with you. :-) the beds and tvs were lying around in the resort rooms. the man lives in one part of the resort. have a wonderful day, dear. cheers sue

An impressive environment where the pictures were taken. The island has a unique natural diversity.
I hope more person will come to assist the old man maintain this special place.

dear @oadissin
yes, you're right I also felt sad for him to be all by himself on that island. but he might choose this place for him to be I guess so. :-) have a wonderful day. would love to have you on board - while I'm sharing our stories while travel and working as volunteers around the world. cheers sue