rice paddy work and lots of rain / Thailand

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as soon as I arrived in Thailand I spotted the ricefields everywhere. I knew very well that I wanted to find a chance to take a photo series about the hard-working women in the middle of the rice paddy. It was a rainy day and we were on our way back down from the chilly cold Omkoi mountain region to Chiang Mai. Not too far from our road, I noticed a bunch of women planting rice. I fetched my camera, rain jacket and asked my husband to pick me up two hours later. He chose to have a hot coffee somewhere warm and cozy while I prepared myself for the nasty weather adventure in the muddy field. I had a lot of fun. :-) Realized the pleasure of freedom I have, to follow my ideas and do what I like to do. No 5 minutes later I was soaked in mud, wet socks and freezing hands. But sharing life with these local Thai women. What a joy! ...


Honestly, these people know how to be satisfied and choose happiness. They've been working under crazy conditions for hours but still having the most warm-hearted smile in their face. Even if we couldn't understand each other - we appreciated our encounter, shared smiles and somehow won little pieces of heart of each other. I'm a great admirer of hard-working people, who see themselves lucky and honored to have work. I admire people, who choose happiness over self-pity in the midst of difficulties. These people are strong and big encouragement. Thank you, hard-working women, in the rice field. Thanks for your work. I love your rice and will enjoy it so much more after my experience in the muddy rice field. love from sue

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hey Sue , i just wanted to let you know that your images are not showing up at all in the steemit default interface. I wonder why that is?


hi @jack.russelle thanks for letting me know. I noticed the same. And I have no clue what the problem is... :-( Gonna try it again later today. thank you.