Thank you :)
The feeling was indeed very mystical up there.
At the peak of the mountain it got so foggy that I had to turn around to not get lost...

Glad you didn’t get lost 😎👍😎

Well sometimes getting lost you can find new things so it’s not always a bad thing

That's also true :)

Someof the most interesting things i have found in NYC are whenI have gone the wrong way from what I had planned lOL

Yeah it' either that or when you just have no plan at all where you want to go when you find the best things.

Exactly, When I visited a few countries son leave i would fly into the main city, spend a day there and jus head to the train or bus station and pick a name of the destination Bord and head there to see what it was like, no plan at the start but saw some cool places in my travels