Ten cat shots

in #photography10 months ago (edited)

For all you guys who have been missing Chouffe and Micio during my short leave of absence here, your waiting is over. The ladies where not really in the mood for some photo shoots but I have managed to get some nice clicks for you guys. Wanted to use very recent shots so you can see how big the ladies are becoming. They both have some mayor grooming to do as both there furs are a bit messy from all the sleeping they have been doing all day.

Micio looking at Chouffe, shall I attack my little sister or not....


The majastic Micio


Same position other angle


Why do you wake me human?


A whole lot of Micio


Chouffe playing peekaboo


Who is looking at who?


The great outdoors...maybe after my next nap


Looking cute at nothing in particular


And time for another nap


Hope you enjoyed this little Chouffe and Micio update. More shots from the ladies will be comming your way so keep an eye out on my wall.
@brittandjosie here is the promised catupdate.

Have an amazing day!

Camera: Nikon D5500
Lenses: Nikkon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR
Edit: Lightroom

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Thank you so much @photofeed.

Adorable cats - they are really little beauties 😊

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Thank you so much @johannpiber. Will do a post tomorrow with some cutouts of these shots.

You're much welcome, @tijntje 🙂 Our Maine Coon "Whisky" will soon be 10 years old and he has become an old lazy cat 😉

Oh what a beauty this oldie is And aren't all cats becoming lazy creatures from the moment they turned one?
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This one is sometimes even to lazy to get up and eat. A while ago he came every morning and woke me up, but now I have to wake him up most of the times ;)

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Adorable fuzzballs.. You do them justice :-)

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