Drone photography and video

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Friends of us visited us last weekend. It was fun to see them again after a long period.

Their son brought his drone, he recently bought it and wanted to show me what it was capable of.

I was suprised of the reach of the drone, he flew away a great distance where you only could see it's location on the screen of the transmitter. Totally out of sight. Quiet scary too because when it didn't return, where to look for the thing :) One of the properties of the drone is that it flies back to the location where it took of when the battery is amlmost out of energy and when it looses contact with the transmitter it will go back to the origine point where it took of.

It gave some great shot's that's for sure.


A shot from high above of our house (with the solar panels)


A bit closer


A great view of our village


If you look close, you can see us standing in the garden :) Enjoying the drone flight.


A video of our house filmed by the drone

A longer video above our village, pretty cool :)

I think it is a awesome machine, I do wonder if it's a gadget or something you will use very often. What do you think ?

Have a great day,



It took some incredible photos, that's for sure. How does that work? You have a screen to see what it sees and press a shutter yourself at the right time? 🤔

Hi @trincowski , yes, there is this controller which controles the drone. On top of it there is a screen where you can have a look from the camera on the drone. You can take pictures manually (from the controller) of set the drone to take pictures every couple of seconds. You can instantly view them on the device.. Pretty cool :)

These things are really cool. It's another hobby I've not found time for, but I can see lots of uses for it. It will be interesting to see if they get more regulated.

In Holland there are a lot of places you can't fly them. There have been some accidents in the past, but the sure have potential to make great video's and photo's..

That is pretty awesome! I have some friends that almost lost their drones when they had the earlier or cheaper models that didn't have the return thing available. That is some pretty hefty construction going on next to your house! I hope it isn't too loud! I need to take my drone at work out and play around with it a bit.

Lol, it's indeed a hefty construction going on, but we haven't any problems with the noise. The manager often comes by toask if everything is still all right. They are very kind and 'neighbour friendly'. Our direct neighbours on the left already filled 11 complaints, but I do think they are complaining just because they can. The constructionsite are taking the neighbourhood in account as much as they can, but they have a job to do. So no complaints from our side.

That is funny about the other neighbors. Is it going to be Condo's or office buildings?

No it is going to be a 'aldery hotel' for people with dementia, A good cause and no problem at all for our neighbourhood. There is no reason whatsoever for the other neighbours to complain about, but some people are born to complain I guess..

Ah, okay, that is great that they are building a facility like that. Dementia is a horrible disease.

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