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You know what’s sad? No matter how excited I was about this session, it still took me over a week to put aside the time to edit these photos.

My fears have come true. Gone are the days where I can create art leisurely and the precious moments where I‘m able to immerse myself in thought. Have I cried a little inside? Yes, but I’ll get over it. I still value the quality of my content so if sharing takes longer then please have patience and give me some encouragement! I desperately need it.

Believe it or not, I’ve got a lot of things that I’d like to write about but I can’t seem to put myself in a good headspace to jot them down. I’ll begin by typing out a line, abruptly hit a wall, fidget around to see if getting comfortable will make a difference but it usually doesn’t, throw a fit and then pout in bed. There were a few changes in my weekly schedule and I’ve had to start back at square one. Work has gotten busier which has taken a toll on me physically. I’m constantly interacting with people which is fine and dandy but since I prefer to exist in a cozy space with or without a companion, its obvious that I’ve reached my limit. The only thing I can think of doing is working out in the evening to increase my stamina and meditation to keep me sane. I need to find balance and the only way to achieve that is to adapt.

About this set.

I was in a mood and needed an outlet to express myself so I began to paint my face. I also had to call on @kommienezuspadt’s assistance because I couldn’t find the base for my tripod. I poked at him, asking if he could spare at least ten minutes of his time. If anything, it was much harder for me to ask him for help than it was for him to agree. Even thought I prefer to take my own portraits, I was not about to give up and wash my face after all the work I put in. We shot in less than fifteen, taking a little less than two hundred photos and I got these interesting images of me smearing lipstick. Overall, the session was a success. That was no surprise since I have such a talented partner.

Photo taken by @kommienezuspadt and edited by me.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the art! 🦊


The last image has a very "I'm done" expression about it. The second to last image is probably the strongest though, lacking that hard shadow that comes across the side of the face. Great set among trying mental conditions and physical conditions.

Creative outlets are the best outlets.

That last one is my favorite just because of the expression. Thanks for checking out my stuff! And yes, I agree. Creative outlets are the way to go.

Gorgeous you💖

Thanks darling! 💜

I'm glad you're meditating. It's a good way to find balance. Keep breathing and don't forget to take care of yourself.
Sending you warm hugs ❤️

Nice photos, as always.

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Thanks friend. <3 I hope you’re doing well.

the lighting is beautiful. There's something mesmerizing about these shoots.

Aww, thanks! I’m glad you like them!

Well I hope, you take care of yourself. Keep doing what you love.

I shall! Thanks for the support!

Cool pictures, come check out my music sometime

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