Stories of an alternate dimension

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I started writing around 1AM and I’ve been willing myself to stay awake as I jot my thoughts down in bed. It’s also a challenge to keep my phone raised since it gets heavier with each passing minute.

And the probability of it smacking me in the face increases.

@kommienezuspadt asked what I was writing about and I simply said, “nonsense.” 😆Yeah, I know, I was a bit sharp with him but I know he’ll read this later and I need to gather my thoughts before they leave me for good! I’m currently buried in my own makeshift pillow fort (which you’re never to old for!), wearing my fuzzy knee high socks and getting a large percentage of warmth from snuggling into my sweetheart. Why is he so good to me??

Besides this new portrait edit, I wanted to share bits and pieces of the dream I had last night. I’ve been actively dreams this whole week but the memory would slip away as the sun rose. This morning was different. Last night I dreamt about an alternate dimension and a zombie apocalypse.

The beginning of the dream followed an elderly servant who worked in an extravagant mansion. He was abused and treated unfairly by his employer which made him wish for a better life elsewhere. Eventually, he finds himself in an unfamiliar area of the estate holding onto a forgotten key. He looks up to see a door appear to his left and becomes somewhat puzzled. He doesn’t remember this wing of the house ever existing but strangely enough, knows this key is linked to it. As he stares down at the small lump of metal in his palm, a voice whispers that if he goes through the door then there’s no going back. He continues through the threshold with little hesitation thinking that any other place would be better than his current situation. On the other side he discovers a bizarrely similar estate. Here he is no longer the servant but the master of this great house. He smiles kindly at the servants from down the hall but they aren’t to happy to see him. They seem almost terrified. Overtime, his feeble demeanor shifts and a wicked man takes his place.

The dream phases out to the next chapter.

I quickly bat my lashes to find myself at a high school, running out towards a parking lot. My heart is pounding loudly in my ears as I scan my surroundings in search of a vehicle being driven by someone I know. I spot a group driving towards me, they swing the backdoor open and yell at me to jump in. Somehow I’m swift enough to launch myself into the back seat, swinging the door shut behind me. Before we leave the city we need to make it to the elementary school to pick up our younger family members. Thankfully, there were no problems there and we six were on our way to who knows where. We drive as far as we can before we’re forced to refuel. The locals give us trouble, threatening us with violence because it was unclear whether we were apart of a community that was under quarantine.

And then I woke up.

Photo taken by @kommienezuspadt and edited by me.

Thanks for stinking around till the end! 🦊

Ps: I actually dozed off around 3AM so I’m now sharing this before I have to fully get up.


Those dreams between asleep and awake are sometimes phenomenal


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