Walking through The Garden of the Gods

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Good evening friends! I’m taking a break from watching anime to share these photographs I snapped during my travels through Colorado.

I’m the last one out of the group to share any photos from this trip so I knew I had to get on it! I’m notorious for taking hundreds of photos only to keep them to myself. I get frequent messages during the holidays from family members nagging me to share my photos of Facebook. I’m never on it and I would delete my account if it weren’t for my Grandma. Besides my lack of presence on social media, I get slightly overwhelmed when I think of all the editing I have to do. It’s a phenomenal that I was able to complete this first set! Let’s thank all the downtime I have at work!

I apologize for my lack of experience in nature photography. I definitely felt like I was out of my element! It was also extremely sunny this day and I did the best I could. I begged for the day to be overcast a couple times and my friends called me crazy! Event though they’re amateurs photos, I hope you still enjoyed them! I’ll be sharing more images from this trip to Colorado soon!

Thanks for stopping by!🦊


OMG I love that place! Me and @dreemsteem and @jayna stopped there on the way back from The Block Party this past summer! Was awesome!

@tipu curate

That’s awesome!!! I wish I could’ve stayed longer but it was cold, extremely windy and I had only slept for 3 hours! 😆

There's a pic of us at the Balancing Rock :P We were all pretty tired too, but we did have great weather on our side!

Oh yes, what a wonderful trip that was! I’m glad you got to go, @vermillionfox. Isn’t it wonderful for photography? Too bad it was so cold and windy when you were there, though!

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Pretty scenery. I'd love to see CO in person, some day... I've only experienced it from the window of a 747 on the way to Seattle about fifteen years ago. It looks like you got to get some hiking in!

Lovely ♥

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