Sunday Walk🌻

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Good morning HIVEsters😊

I hope that you are all doing fine, made it through the Christmas and new year holidays...

Didn't have time to do a #wednesdaywalk beacuse of work and so on, but today...sunday, I was able to find some time to go for a walk.

Like many other times I decided to go for a #nature walk, love the surroundings and the fresh air...

A rainy day captured with my phone camera..

Times have really changed, or to be more precise, the weather (the climate) has really changed...
It's the beginning of January, and the weather here was supposed to winterish...the temperature should be below 0 degrees celsius, and the landscape was supposed to be covered with snow...
But like it has been all year so far, rainy and getting close to 10 degrees celsius....We normally don't see temperatures like this before the end of March or start April..

View towards the ocean, captured with my phone camera..

Muddy and wet everywhere....It really makes you think, we have to take care of the #environment, before it is too late...maybe we've already crossed that red line...I hope not!

I'm happy that we are actually trying to do something about it, at least in the western world, but we have to make the other countries in Africa and Asia do the same. Green energy can make a difference, that seems to be one of our biggest hurdles...

Sorry, this is maybe getting a bit too deep...It was only supposed to be a nice sunday walk, enjoying nature and the fresh air..😀

Well, that was what i wanted to share with you today... Hope that you enjoyed...

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