Casascius physical fully loaded bitcoin of 2011 is the valuable coin. It’s because it was the first physical representation of a bitcoin. I believe it is also the origin of the bitcoin symbol. So far there has never been one in auction. Ebay bans the fully loaded ones. There is rarely a Casascius auction in the bitcoin forums but these are unreliable due to untrusted counter-parties, shills and scammers.

It will be interesting to see what a physical fully loaded casacius makes in auction at Sothebys or Christies.

There were only 11’000 issued before he got shut down by the financial crimses division for “printing currency”. Many of those 11’000 have had the hologram peeled to access the value of the bitcoin and forks, so the numismatic value has been destroyed.

Only an un-peeeled fully loaded Casascius bitcoin is desired by the true collectors and museums.

The value is bitcoin price + forks + numismatic value.

Any guesses as to a public auction price will be well received.

I've seen a lot for sell on ebay not sure if they got taken down before the sell i only purchased unloaded coins on ebay. There are some listed on ebay now i wonder if they changed their policy i know paypal still has a no crypto policy

Yes you can buy an unloaded Casascius coin on EBay with no problem. It's not the same as a fully loaded one. Unloaded is like buying the frame where Leonardo da vinci once hung "El Mundi". It's worth a lot less without the painting.

I'm not sure I have ever seen a fully loaded 1 BTC coin on EBay, even if some were reportedly advertised there in the past. I suppose they were taken down as I can find any trace of a sale. Someone said that $100k might be the price. I wonder why anyone would sell a bitcoin now for that when everyone thinks it will soon be a cool million.

@nathansenn . Wow! $245'000 for a Casascius bitcoin. I wonder if it will sell at that price? The trouble with buying and selling on eBay is reputation and Trust. It's all very well if you buy or sell an ordinary item, but trusting such a valuable item to arrive safely by Federal express? What's your recourse if the parcel arrives but the coin is not there?

I wouldn't trust it.

That's a lot of $ for one coin. :)

Yes it would be very high risk using any shipping service. Any purchase that large should be done in person with a 3rd party verification and have the items insured transported and stored correctly. This not your average consumers items.

With the rise in ride sharing services and the seemingly growing trust between peers, it would be a good idea to start a business in which errands could be ran and compensated thru virtual currency coded into the app that provides the services, right?

There are also 2011 Casascuis error coins i think there are some posted on ebay for $100k

so interesting. I didnt even know physical crypto was a thing

I guess one of the main point of the cryptocurrency is being non-physical money. Because world is getting away from materials (Architects used to draw on papers now they do on softwares, or developments on virtual reality..)

I can't see physical coins will be a huge thing. I think people just dont want to carry physical money anymore

Yes they are mostly just a collectors items doubt you would see these being heavily used although i have seen large exchanges take place using physical crypto.

Correct. I pay for everything with my watch. If their machine won't take it I cancel the order and go elsewhere. People don't want physical cash. I have none. - Ever.

Well that is a good approach which I had it too in my life, but then one day I went to a food truck and I was so hungry. They told me they only accept cash :(

And I was like nooooo

Then I learned that I should carry at least 20 dollar with me all the time.

more interested in physical coins..

this world in future will be introduced in Physical coin.
This will be life changing coinss.

I don't think the world will move from electronic money to metals. That would be quite innovative, although I believe our ancestors used to carry around metal coins.

I just have one bitcoin collector coin :) Doesn't have any value but I like it ( Actually bought it from e-bay for $2 )

Yes thats what got me interested in collecting was coins i found on ebay

Have you seen any coins from community currencies from around the World? I'd be interested in adding them to my collection, but I have a feeling that they are mainly in paper or digital form.

Very interesting, but this makes me wonder: "..product which enables the buyer to provide the producer with a password protected private key..."

That doesn't seem ideal to me. Every person it passes through will know the private keys. Would you get it, transfer the amount to a new wallet and then just keep the physical coin as a memento? I mean, they do look beautiful. :)

The private keys are protected by a tamper proof hologram on the back. The coins are value is more as a collectors item. The private keys that store your bitcoin are only as safe as the person who loaded them is honest. There have been some coins that had the bitcoin stolen off them by the creators i will cover that in up coming blog posts.

I look forward to reading more. Thank you.

Great post these are really cool coins!

Physical bitcoins really good idea to bring the crypto in to tredetional trading
Because, most of business in growing country like India, they never use the online transactions.
If they got the physical coins like Bitcoin, that really helps.

Most are more a collectors item we'll see how its used down the road.

So surprised to see that ... especially the second image that you share looks amazing ... but i dont quite understand what is the difference between real coin and that ?

Those are some really cool coins my man. . Don't have much else to say other than that. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

Yes i think they are pretty cool will be making a new post with more info about these soon.

Such a cool post!! I had no idea there were so many physical coins out there! I am excited to find out more about them and each coin's value!

What man.
Does it really exists?
It's pretty new to me.
This is suppeerrrrr cool.

Nice post !!! Surprised to know that decentralized currency bitcoin is represented in physical form !!!

Agree, the day come soon all country will get adapt

This is new to me, but quite exciting. i had to idea either they made these.


Physical Bitcoin do really exists. Looking forward to see more of your Physical Bitcoin Collections :)

I wish I would collect these one day !!! I just love these physical coins !!!

Can you please share the link for buying these coins ??

Those are some cool coins, i wonder who is in charge of the design process and if there could possibly be any input from a regular joe on the future physical coins designs :)

Interesting! Where do you buy those coins ? I'm a collector of old coins of which I wrote here so that's why I'm asking.

Ah ok, thanks :-) I will check it.

Beautiful indeed! Where do you buy those physical coins ?

ok thanks!

I read thee article a second time. such beautiful coins

Great article , Hope SuperiorCoin makes some also.

Nice post, i love physical coins...

I'm amazed, That means their transaction are not updated in ledger ones it is created and its more like hand to hand transaction. Great work.

My Precious.... That is both interesting and news, have heard about physical coins, never seen them and most definitely never thought along the line of collectors.

Rreal physical coin needed

i just heard that there are real crypto coins and just thought it is just a hoax but i now believe that real crypto coins exist! what a collector's item you have here!

This is pretty freaking awesome!


Physical coins give us a sense of value. It's good to have one

Huh - who knew? Very cool - thanks for sharing!

Every one needs the super coin

The seller can still have access to the wallet if he/she has written the private key somewhere else. Isn't it true?


Nice post, wish i have one of those physical bitcoin coin.

Leilana made physical litecoin too

I remember seeing a video about these when they came out... YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE AMOUNT OF REGRET OF NOT GETTING ONE! lol

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I need physical coin

Thank you so much bro

This is for sure cool!

what!! physical bitcoin i have listened it for the first time in my life

They look really cool! I didn't know they worth something. I thought they were like collectibles or something like that.

Interested to see more of this. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for you upvote dear

hello help me replay

Can i go ahead and buy them ? are they reliable ?

Wishing all of you a joyous Christmas. A little smile, a word of cheer a bit of love a little gift from one held dear, best wishes for coming year.

Thanks for the post this is a very large concern to many people in the public is that there is nothing tangible creating a distrust to many, albeit close minded individuals on the subject. If this could be cut into say ten (or even) pieces in value like the one above you could really have something very very special. Not many people buy things in $16,000 increments. A reverse split in value done somehow would be stellar. thanks for the post again great content!

it starts looking like normal money, is that what we want then? I do not understand why they make them. And the dodge one looks more like a pokemon than anything else

That looks like a cool collection! So I assume that they are more valuable than the regular changes right?

Wow, never knew this was for real. I'm interested though