The Experience Ladder - Limited Time Only

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Are you excited to test another new feature?

We’ve actually mentioned this way back in a Dev Update: The Experience Ladder


The feature will be live this week on:

Friday, September 18

6 pm - 10 pm CEST
12 pm - 4 pm EST

Rack Up Experience, Never Lose Pigs

So, what is the Experience Ladder actually about? For lack of a better word, it’s a format that is all about upgrading your piggies by gathering experience without the risk of losing them...

The game itself works just like what you are used to. The difference happens after the match. While your pigs are climbing the experience ladder they will never defect nor die - meaning, you cannot lose pigs.

But you still want to win and there is still risk. When you win your pigs gain experience and ultimately move up to higher levels, they also lose experience and may move down to a lower level when they lose matches.

A side note.
This feature is designed to be available in addition to regular gameplay, it is not meant to replace it. For the sake of testing and providing enough opponents, we will deactivate regular gameplay during the above mentioned hours. In the future, however, we might just offer both game play options simultaneously.

Will you join us for the event? Maybe this is the time to finally toss those level 5 and level 6 pigs you’ve been afraid of losing during regular gameplay!

Stay tuned

We have much more in store:

Gameplay Trailer
How to Play
When to Toss and Bank

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Interesrting ideam but as it looks I will miss out on this one. Maybe I can catch a game over here Saturday morning- let's see