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It's the end of November; it's nearly Christmas! It's practically here! There's no stopping it now.

The days after US Thanksgiving toward Christmas are, to me, like a fully loaded, runaway freight train without brakes heading downhill and picking up speed. Me? I'm in the engineer's seat wildly cheering it on. It will come to an end, of course, either with a gradual, slowly changing decline into an incline to slow the train, or with a sudden stop by ramming headlong into an end-of-track barrier or falling, careening, and crashing off a broken tressel bridge onto the ground below. Either way, we'll get to the end.

In the meantime, however, we get to enjoy it, and enjoy it fully! Blind Skeleton is getting right into the muck of it all.

Three Tune Tuesdays are all sorts of Christmas themed until further notice. Come listen live!

When? Every Tuesday at 12:00pm EST/05:00pm GMT

Other updates

Blind Skeleton radio is streaming Christmas specials every night at 8:00pm EST to get you in the mood. Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in the 1940's sitting by the fireside with a hot coffee in hand and listening to an old tube radio.

Here is the special Christmas schedule for December 1 through December 24:

Monday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Monday7:00pm ESTOTR Christmas Specials
Monday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)
Tuesday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Tuesday12:00pm ESTThree Tune Tuesday (livestream)
Tuesday8:00pm ESTOTR Christmas Specials
Tuesday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)
Wednesday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Wednesday8:00pm ESTA 78 RPM Christmas (livestream)
Wednesday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)
Thursday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Thursday8:00pm ESTOTR Christmas Specials
Thursday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)
Friday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Friday8:00pm ESTOTR Christmas Specials
Friday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)
Saturday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Saturday8:00pm ESTA 78 RPM Christmas (livestream)
Saturday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)
Sunday6:00am ESTThe Cinnamon Bear
Sunday8:00pm ESTOTR Christmas Specials
Sunday9:00pm ESTThe Cinnamon Bear (repeat)

A 78 RPM Christmas

Come listen as I share stories, talk about Christmas and, most importantly, play some of my favourite 78 rpm Christmas records from my collection. Rumour has it that The Nutcracker Suite and A Christmas Carol will be played across all shows, so you'll need to tune in to each show to hear them all!

The Cinnamon Bear

Tuck yourself in, curl up, and listen to the story of Judy and Jimmy who, with the help of The Cinnamon Bear, go in search of the missing silver star. We're streaming one episode per night at 6:00am and 9:00pm, until the 23rd and 24th when there will be two episodes per night to finish the story.

December 25

Listen in on December 25 as we hold a 24 hour marathon of Old Time Radio favourite Christmas specials.

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Toe tapping into Christmas cheer Victor!

@tipu curate

Yes, absolutely! Music is nearly a 24x7 staple for me right now.

Enjoy rocking your way throughout the month.

I'm so ready to hop onto that train!! I'll slow it down to give you more time!

Thanks for the scheduled programming, I truly appreciate it! Hey, Victor! @wwwiebe You are having too much fun! Is that even possible?

No slowing this train down! We're careening down the hillside at full speed and not even trying to steer. Full speed ahead!

Buckle up!!