Boooooooom News Presents: ReplayFX (Pinburgh Part One)

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Thursday Check-in

Waiting in line 3.jpg

It was Thursday, July 26th 2018 and I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania standing in line for ReplayFX's Pinburgh check-in at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Pinburgh 2018 was the largest pinball tournament ever, with 840 competitors and I was one of the hundred or so that didn't check-in the night before. If I had I could have slept another hour, but honestly--I couldn't sleep. Not with this incredible event waiting for me, because I knew that once I checked in, I'd be granted the keys to the castle that was the largest freeplay gameroom in the world. ReplayFX.

I didn't have to pay anything, because I paid for my Pinburgh entry months ago during the 45 second window in which the 840 tickets priced at around $100 were for sale. That's right, 45 seconds and $84,000 later--Pinburgh 2018 sold out! And a few months down the road, when the waitlist was cutoff, another 400+ people were waiting on standby. A few of them got in the day of the tournament.

Inside the Festival


With exactly one hour to practice over 280 machines, I had to make a plan. One possibility would be to try and find how much I could move the machines where a tilt would end the game.

Big Hurt.jpg

Another could be to play the games I didn't know. I knew nothing of Big Hurt, but throughout the weekend I heard a lot of bad beat stories involving this game (luckily for me--I never had to play it).

Star Wars.jpg

A third strategy for my practice time could be to play the games with interesting modifications. "Lightning Flippers" are an eighth of an inch shorter than regular flippers. Since games typically have two flippers at the bottom, the increase in the gap between the flippers becomes a quarter of an inch. It makes some of the standard flipper moves more dangerous.


Finally, I could just play games that I enjoy. That way I could get used to flipping and hitting shots. I ended up doing a hybrid of all four, but I never played Big Hurt (phew).

When the hour of practice was up, we had another hour before Pinburgh 2018 began.

Alien Star Fix.jpg

And the amazing Pinburgh Techs used this time to make some last minute adjustments.

An Hour to Kill


It's amazing. On one side of the David L Lawrence Convention Center, you walk right into the city of Pittsburgh. Have you ever seen the skyline? Non-standard skyscrapers coming to a head at The Point. On the other side it's a river, trees, and the stadiums on the North Shore. I love this city. I kept thinking how lucky I was to be doing something I loved in Downtown Pittsburgh, while thousands of others in the city were going to work as usual all around me. It made me appreciate this hobby even more.

It's Almost Start Time

Game Time.jpg

At about five minutes until ten, everyone started making their way towards the stage. Along my trek I passed the Pinburgh Desk, behind which sat several of the folks that made this wonderful event happen. Thank you ReplayFX/Pinburgh Staff. Without you none of this would be possible.

If you look closely along the right edge of the Pinburgh Desk photo, you'll see that there's a schedule of events for the Stern Pinball Pro Circuit:

Pro Circuit Schedule Cropped.jpg

Pinburgh is the seventh event on the current schedule. I hope to make a couple others this year. I made my way towards the main stage.

Welcome to Pinburgh.jpg

Pinburgh 2018 was about to begin!

Stay tuned for Boooooooom News Presents: ReplayFX (Pinburgh Part Two). It should come out 8/13/18 around 5PM.


This is fantastic! I will be staying tuned to you, I want to see the competition and see you win! I have never heard of this before....I found you on PYPT!

Congrats on taking advantage of your 45 second window!

this looks like so much fun!!!! hehehehehehe almost chaotic!!! but probably so exciting!

Listened to you presentation, I LOVE the blurry stile, that makes the pictures special ... simply love it, cool post!

That is amazing that 800+ tickets sold in 45 seconds...!!! 😱
So glad you got in, though, and had a good time! Awesome experience!