Traveling Thorn Highlands Thailand

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Traveling Thorn Highlands Thailand


In addition to the scenic natural beauty, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist centers in Asia for tourism-friendly environments. Among the many sights of Thailand, Pattaya Sea Beach attracts the most of the tourists. The white sands of this beach, the blue sea in front of them, and the small boats of colorful birds roaming on them and the hills covered with green cloth provide a different feeling.


The beauty of the coastline of Thai Thailand is decorated in each of the coral reefs. Pattaya beach is not too big, but quite decorated. The Thai government has made arrangements to attract tourists to the beach. Pathkara distance from Bangkok to seven kilometers.

Everything on the entire beach is very well organized. Restaurants and bars are open for 24 hours by the beach. Besides, the beach road can be reached by speedboat, deep in the sea. There is also paragliding arrangement. But the night's pages are much more charming and attractive than the day's python.

And if you want to know about the lifestyle, traditions of the Thai community in Thailand, then you have to go to capital Bangkok. Chao Faraya River, on the west bank of Thailand, is the biggest attraction of Bangkok, the old Basilica spread over a square mile area on the Nafralaran Road on the west side of Chao Faraya river. This palace reminds the old days of Thai people! Apart from this, there is a statue of Buddha made of emerald located in the palace premises, which gives the identity of past traditions of Thai. In addition to the statue made of a single jade cut stone, the outer and inner walls of the Buddhist temple are decorated with various types of sculptures. There are fraccos and fine craftsmanship. There are also a number of temples in the Palace Square and a miniature model of Cambodia's Anchorage. Bangkok is an ideal city for tourists, with all the finest temples, Buddha statues, palaces, museums and parks.


Phuket is one of the most visited destinations in Thailand. A unique wonder of small secluded islands filled with jungle jungle and its delights on the blue waterside, forest and tropical islands in Phuket, white sandy beach, island and blue sea. Which will take you for a while, in the kingdom of heaven of fantasy. The distance from Bangkok to Phuket is about 860 kilometers. This is one of Thailand's largest tourism-the largest island Phuket is also famous for the beach. But alongside the beach, another beauty of Phuket is the limestone hills in the Andaman Sea. But for this you have to take a boat from the beach in Fang-Bay. There are many movies on the limestone hillside shooting. In the 1974 James Bond series The Man with the Golden Gun movie was shot on an island here. So the island has been named 'James Bond Island'. If you go to Phuket then you can also visit the place.

Thailand's capital, Bangkok, on the east coast of Thailand, the suburbs of Thailand and the Andaman Sea in the west. Traveling to Thailand from all over the world, not only in the subcontinent, but also numerous tourism favorite visitors.

There are numerous sightseeing sites in Thailand, full of natural wealth, which give great pleasure to the visitors. In the summer, monsoon and winter season, all year passes. Excellent natural beauty of this country is very attractive to the tourists of Thailand, which is rich in marine, landscapes and rich cultural heritage.


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