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Hello Pig Farmers,

We are currently distributing our first two batches of Grunts earnings from the 100 Grunt distribution. This campaign is ongoing right now.

As we pronounced in this post there will be 3 batches:

  • Players who participated in the Pre-Sale
  • For playing volume July 15. to August 15.
  • For plating volume August 15. to September 31.

So we are currently distributing the first two batches while the last batch will be distribution after the end of the month.

How to Check your Balance

Simply log into the game and check the grunts right next to your account symbol.

Your Grunts will have increased if you:

  1. Either made purchases during the Pre-Sale in June and July
  2. Or played games before August 15.

If you played, what matters is the number of games x the level of your pigs. So if you played more games at higher levels you will have earned more Grunts relative to other players.

Congratulations to all the winners.

We are currently distributing the Grunts, so you may have gotten some over the last two days, and may also still receive some more in the following days.

Rule Change

We are changing the rule of the distribution of the third phase.

There are some players that have spend some money on the game and some that have simply played with free pigs they received via welcome packages and Bonus Pigs. So in order to be fair and ensure the value of the Grunts is tied to users that invest both time and money into the game we are going to change the distribution rule a bit.

The new distribution is as follows:

Score = V * ML * (MP * 2)


V= Volume. This is calculated by Number of Games x Level
ML= Money Spend in Shop Lifetime (HIVE, HBD, ETH, DAI)
MP= Money Spend in Shop in lates period (August 15. to September 31.)

The amount of Grunts each player receives depends on the individual score relative to other players.

This means that if you have not spend any money on the game since August 15. you won't be rewarded in our latest phase. And if you spend money recently it will count more. Most importantly if you have spent any money at any time your game play rewards will be multiplied.

Wanna Cash out?

We are working on a cash-out feature, but this won't come for a bit so to bridge the time, we have added two items in the shop that will allow you to cash out 500k of Grunts and 1M Grunts respectively. These packages can only be paid for in Grunts and will cost 500k or 1M grunts plus a $5 fee which we will need to pay for the gas cost.

We have added these packages in Level 8.

If you buy these packages we will manually send the Grunts to you ETH wallet.

What can you do with Grunts

Grunts control the DAO of the game. Our vision is that over time the game can be more and more decentralized this way. As such owning Grunts means you have a piece of the game.

Name: piggericks.aragonid.eth
Link to Organisation: https://mainnet.aragon.org/?#/piggericks
Grunts Address: 0x57b482dfe9adf5b33c4f7329fcc33369660658fa

Of course you can also sell Grunts on Uniswap. We are thinking about creating other pools and how to reward liquidity providers. If you are interested in being an LP please get in touch.

You can also use Grunts to buy Pigs in the shop.

Stay tuned

We have much more in store:

Gameplay Trailer
How to Play
When to Toss and Bank

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P.S.: Let us know how you like multiplayer mode on Discord or in the comments below!


Isn't the formula supposed to be something along lines of Score = V * (ML + MP * 2) ?

Score = V * ML * (MP * 2) means that someone spending before Aug 15 and not after Aug 15 also receives zero from the third airdrop.

I maen, it could have been intended this way but the wording indicates otherwise.

It is intended that way. The reward is supposed to be for the current period, but we also want to reward players who spent in the past.

Does this make sense?

Absolutely, I can see the Rule Change paragraph has been edited to emphasise that MP=0 should and will mean Score=0

Thanks for your feedback