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Hello dear friends, I hope you are very well, today I want to talk a little about technology, specifically about its benefits for us, I know perfectly well that sometimes we focus on the disadvantages because certainly many things have happened as technology has advanced, but everything has its positive side in life and today I come to talk about it.

The first advantage that I can see is that WE CAN ACCESS IMMEDIATELY TO INFORMATION, that is an advance, we have almost everything at our hands and very few things are not on the internet. Many years ago things were very different and somewhat difficult to obtain real information.


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Thanks to the internet we have THOUSANDS OF COURSES AT OUR DISPOSITION, we have access to any kind of information, I think it's great. The opportunities to improve our skills are endless or to acquire new ones. Knowledge can never be too much.

Nowadays any person CAN ENTREPRISE FOR HIMSELF THROUGH DIFFERENT PLATFORMS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS, that is something that also helps to create more sources of income, I think it is also a positive point.

It helps us to be communicated with anyone, from anywhere in the world, it FACILITATES COMMUNICATION FOR ALL OF US. Being nowadays migration something very common it is essential that we have good communication with our loved ones, in my case it is something that I take very much into account because I am an immigrant too.

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In times of pandemic thanks to the internet many students were able to continue with their education, then we can say that EDUCATION IS EFFECTIVE, people who work and study at the same time have the facility to see their classes at a distance, these are great benefits in terms of education. It can also encourage the creative area of people in view of all the information we have access to.

You can help students make their research tasks much easier since everything is at their fingertips. Being able to learn a NEW LANGUAGE through online courses is a great advance to improve our skills.

On the other hand, many people today work from home, so we can say that it can also create NEW SOURCES OF EMPLOYMENT, or it can simply be a source of extra income for those who already have a job. ENTREPRENEURSHIP TODAY HAS NO LIMITS.


Technology in spite of everything has not been so bad for the human being, if we don't know how to take advantage of its use we are the ones who are making mistakes, we are the ones who decide how we use it and for how long, so think about it before blaming social networks for the disaster that can be your life because of it.

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