Pirl Gives Preview of Masternodes - Jumps Up Over 1000% In 4 Days

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'Ello Steemians & Pirlies!

I couldn't be any more proud of Pirl right now. The dev team has been putting in work! A few days ago the dev masterdubs posted a screenshot of beta masternodes up and running in the Discord and the market noticed!

Screenshot from 2017-10-24 13-37-17.png

This makes Pirl officially the first ethash algorithm coin to implement masternodes successfully. Of course there are still a new things to work out, but masternodes will be ready to go soon.

Now here's the big thing. A masternode is going to cost you 20,000 Pirl. A few days ago, that'd cost you about 300-400 bucks. Today it'll cost you about $4,000.

In my opinion, it's still cheap!! Pirl can and will see over a dollar in the future. Once there's a bigger exchange and more volume, the value will follow.

Interested in being on of the first to get a Pirl masternode? Buy some off of https://stocks.exchange and join the [Discord](https://discord.gg/z4faFxD and forums to keep up with the latest news.


I wonder if this will go the same way as Signatum?
SIGT initially pumped up to a decent price when there was a fair bit of hype around it for mining and then soon began a steady decline to nothingness...

This coin has a ton of more potential that Sigt. the mining support is awesome. There is no supply issue like sudden halving. It is pure PoW and MN coin of a kind. Given that ETH is changing from PoW to PoS we can safely say that there will be a tone of mining support for this coin.
I see $1 per coin in the future.

Hope you're right :-)

What people really need to understand is the Market cap. There are only 108 BTC in this project, as soon as there is a major exchange that feature this coin you will see a price drive up to at least
1000 BTC thats 10x Gains potentially should be worth the Risk.