Pick a Name for PIVX Electrum....... VOTING NOW OPEN

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Vote on the PIVX Electrum light wallet name

PIVX will soon have another Light wallet offering, this time a fork of Dash Electrum . However I'm not that keen on the name PIVX Electrum, especially as it should technically be called PIVX Dash Electrum, I feel that this type of naming convention is a little dull, So I decided to open up a vote to find a new fresh name for PIVX's latest light wallet.

The process so far has been pretty straight forward, I asked the PIVX creative team to put forward an idea, I also got 1 idea from PIVX supremo Snappy , plus I added one myself. so without any further to do, here are the options.

1. PIVX Electrum

This is what we had originally planned for this wallet to be called, this name is pretty self explanatory. The wallet will be a fork of Dash electrum however so perhaps it should actually be called PIVX - Dash - Electrum. The main positive for this name is that 'Electrum' is a recognisable brand within crypto and this added trust could lead to more downloads and usage of this wallet.

Pros :

  • Self explanatory name
  • Already recognisable brand

Cons :

  • Name is rather dull

2. Polite

This is my own suggestion, derived from PIVX light wallet. I feel that the name Polite is inviting and non aggressive. Often newcomers to crypto are a little put off by the complexity of things and the technical terminology. I also feel that the word polite is very much in keeping with PIVX values and the family vibe that our creative team have conveyed over the last few years.

Pros :

  • unique easy to pronounce name
  • friendly and inviting

Cons :

  • No brand recognition
  • Name isn't 'techy'

3. Zephyr [zef - er]

Zephyr was the suggestion from Rhubarbarian, head of PIVX creative. Rhubarbarian is the man responsible for coining the name PIVX itself, so his suggestions will automatically carry a lot of weight even if he didn't go through his usual complex naming process. Zephyr is a noun that means a gentle mild breeze and can be used to describe various things of fine light quality such as fabric, yarn etc.


  • In keeping with the 'Z' naming theme
  • Easy to pronounce and descriptive


  • Zerocoin may well not return to PIVX

4. Nibiru

Nibiru is the offering from the mercurial talent Dr Bryan Doreian also known in Purple circles as Snappy. Named after a controversial nonexistent planet Nibiru is an easy to pronounce name and has its etymology in something that was talked about but never actually seen, lending itself to privacy well.


  • Interesting etymology


  • Linked to 'crackpot' conspiracy theories, as described by NASA

How to vote?

There are two ways to vote...... you can do so on twitter by making a decision on the PIVX community twitter poll here:

Just Click on the Number you would like to vote for under the post.

Or you can add a number to the vote announcement in PIVX discord.