PIVX PRESENTS: PIVXpress, Jan 8th 2019

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Happy New Year PIVians and people around the world!

THREE Crypto firsts from PIVX in the past 30-60 days:

  1. PIVX Becomes First Anonymous Proof-of-Stake Coin to Launch Dedicated iOS Wallet App
  1. Bulletproof Implementation into Zerocoin
    This change results in significant reductions of Zerocoin transaction size, blockchain growth rate and improved verification time.

  2. Zerocoin Light Node (ZLN) - Probabilistic Private Multi-Party Computation-Based Protocol by core developer @furszy#264
    This is a world first protocol made specifically to allow full zerocoin mint & spend capability on a low resource mobile phone & light wallet computers!

PIVX wallet V3.2 is available for self-compilers, and downloadable binaries coming soon!
PIVX is now 2years old!

PIVX sponsor of Cris Cyborg (UFC Female lightweight champion fighter)


PIVX listed on gonetcoins.com


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What a year 2018 has been for crypto! hopefully 2019 is better.

Hi PIVX, I'm a big fan and supporter of your project. I think many users here on Steem have a good relationship with PIVX.
I would like you to check out Steemmonsters and its great opportunity to become a host for tournaments.
What does that mean and how could PIVX benefit from it?
Well, if PIVX becomes a host for Steemmonsters Tournaments than all the SM players will join your tournament and you will have their full attention.
If you decide to give out some PIVX as prizes to the winners, than they would have to join the PIVX Network.
PIVX community gets more attention and new users from the SM community and the SM community has another great sponsor to host Tournaments...really a great Win Win Situation.
I would love to hear your feedback and you can also get in touch with the two developers @aggroed and @yabapmatt to discuss further details.

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