PIVX Road Map 2019: Road Map All The Things!

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Spoiler Alert: There is no 2019 road map yet. That’s the point of this article.

Developers are a very special type of person. They have the ability to focus at extreme levels, for a very long time. The more complex the project is, the stronger those characteristics need to be. This is crypto - so that’s about as complex as it gets. PIVX Developers not only excel in this way - but also absolutely enjoy the challenges that come with it - except one. Let me explain.

Last time I wrote code was over 5 years ago. Working from home, I was able to focus 98% of my ‘CPU’ on the development task at hand, and 2% to determine if a kid’s scream came with a smile, or a bloody lip. Life is very different now. Finding even 15 mins to focus on ONE thing is impossible. I still dream of writing code again - for the pure enjoyment I got from it.

But there’s the problem. Constant interruptions mean no enjoyment. Just lots of frustration.


Imagine you are a book editor on a deadline, and you have just immersed into an awesome novel. Now, picture being interrupted to; hear about an empty milk carton, let the dog out, close a window for rain, hear the kids need lunch, take a call from ‘duct cleaners’, or answer the door because 2 smartly dressed people think you should convert to their religion. The list goes on and on. With constant interruptions, hours go by, and you’ve only read 10 pages of that novel. The deadline has not moved.

Developers are aware of this scenario and each has their own methods to avoid it. They ensure friends and family respect boundaries, unsubscribe from every online notification they can, and only join conversations for a mental break. If they don’t - they fail. No one wants this.

In the corporate world, Managers can answer questions and act as a ‘shield’ for Developers. But, PIVX is a DAO, with no ‘org chart’. If someone is not getting an answer, they can escalate until a Developer stops what they are doing, engages the person and answers. The challenge of dealing with such interruptions is the one thing that Developers do not excel at - and that makes sense - because it kills efficiency!

So, as a Community, we need to be that ‘first line of defense’ to let Developers do their thing!

Having said all that - at a high level, everyone’s questions basically boil down to one of these.

  • What is done?

  • What is next?

The industry standard to answer these questions is the Roadmap! It makes it incredibly easy for the Community to protect the Developers from most interruptions.


So, why don’t the Developers like to provide Roadmap items? The short answer is; “Don’t feed the trolls!”

Cryptocurrency development is extremely innovative. It truly is like ‘rocket science’ and nothing at all like ‘getting your car fixed’. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately estimate resource requirements. Trolls ignore this. So, completing 20 months of work in 12 doesn’t matter - if you missed ONE item - then trolls make it sound like you are an incompetent, unorganized idiot for not getting everything done. Same thing if you complete everything, but not exactly in the planned time frame. They’ll just ‘blast’ you for estimating poorly. Haters gonna hate.

On the Internet - all you really have is your reputation. You need to protect it especially if you earn income online. To defend their position against trolls, Developers must react quickly and in detail, causing many interruptions. This is exactly what the Roadmap was supposed to prevent. So, if a Developer doesn’t want to provide a list of Roadmap items - I can completely understand why. It can seem pointless.

Because of this, at PIVX, we’ve gone through many changes in the ‘best practices’ for Roadmaps. Recently, we’ve discussed taking a completely different approach. Instead of having only a Core Development Roadmap, we are going to “Roadmap All The Things!” and empower the Community to do what is right.

This means a Roadmap for; any Developer that wants to publish one, both Core and non-Core Development, Alliance members and other 3rd parties, and any significant Community projects in PIVlandia. It is time to shine a light on all the effort going on everywhere, and for the Community to unite and push back the trolls to where they belong - under a bridge or a rock.

What do you think?

Eric Stanek
PIVX Advocate

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I like that approach of an open Roadmap if any delays occur than the users won't ve so upset since there was no strict timeline in the first place.
What I hope for the future is more communication about the current state of development. The Pivx Dex should be out since last year July and still they haven't released the Beta version. Things like that where everybody was so excited about has become more of frustration topic for everybody.

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Absolutely the PIVX Community deserves communication about the current state of development. We soon will have a PIVX Community Roadmap released, as well as some for individual core-developers. Note however though, that zDEX is a separate project and a separate application. It is not part of PIVX. It simply sits on the PIVX network as a 3rd party application. But, that just proves the point. With proper communication, no one would still think that zDEX was part of PIVX. Thanks for your feedback!

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