Zpiv gets an official release and its under two weeks away! OCT 16TH!!

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Today the PIVX team released the long awaited info about the zerocoin privacy protocol update.

Hold on to your hats people, PIVX is now the most private proof of stake currency with a growing budget, great governance and masternode/staking rewards.

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Wrote about this myself yesterday actually. Great news from a great team building a great cryptocurrency.

Keep up the good work

Great news! I guess that's why the price of PIV has risen lately. :)

yes probably, now with very strong privacy user adoption will certainly increase. Higher price is a bi-product, the goal is more user adoption.


I guess i should have bought more when this we cheap :P

@pivx ...... cough wheres my under 30 min upvote cough

With Zero Coin protocol implementation, PivX will become the best privacy coin! If you forgot to get onto Monero train, this is your second chance.

Nice. Glad I just ran into this.

Burda çok yeniyim umarım sizin gibi ilerleyebilirim 🙋‍♀️🤗