Pixelart: Fan

in #pixelart2 years ago

I made a pixelart animation of fan. This kind of fan can be used when you are camping or when there is no electricity. It is rechargeable and has a tripod for its stand. It is also available in the market. I found this kind of fan on the online shop. I am still thinking if I will buy it or not.


Making the main frame of the fan.

Adding the grills or the protection from the blades.

Making the first blade.

The whole blades of the fan is now complete. I also added some grills at the back with darker shade.

After adding its stand or the tripod. I started on the animation part.

Then to achieve the different speed of the fan. I adjusted the duration of each frame.

100ms 75 ms 50ms


Yay! 🤗
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