Beetle Deedum | Halloween Story for the PIZZA Community

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Image by Jürgen from Pixabay

Author's note: I will be using @rbhayes account for my journey back into writing from hereon.
My entry to the Halloween story for the PIZZA Community (see link below to join too)

The PIZZA Community is looking for Your Music | Art | Stories for Halloween! 👻🎃

She held both hands to her mouth to keep from breathing too hard, trying to stay quiet as she hid under the bed, her eyes stayed vigilant on the open doorway mere meters in front of her. That was when a pair of feet came into view out the hallway, no footsteps could be heard as it floated off the ground, no decipherable sound other than—


She managed to keep from screaming as a beetle-like limb landed near the foot of the bed where she hid, the reason for the pair of feet to hang off the ground now that its host body could rely on its metamorphosis, but it needed to feed to sustain its form. And she was the only one left surviving.

A soft clicking could be heard from somewhere atop, the creature’s mandibles surely still getting used to having grown out the sides of a once human mouth— getting used to the hunt as it searched for more prey.

It was only when the human-beetle left the room did she let herself catch her breath, quietly creeping out from her hiding spot to get to the security room to call for help, all the while imagining that the limbs she passed by were all part of some sick Halloween decoration.

When she reached the security room, she then noticed from one of the monitors that the creature was close behind her, quickly locking herself inside before she breathed a sigh of relief. Until she noticed from the monitor that the creature was nowhere to be seen in the hall she came from, that was when something warm dribbled down the side of her arm, the sound of clicking mandibles encapsulated the tiny room, before she looked up.

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Awesome to see a Story Submission! :) Thank you!
Please make sure to send everything I need like stated in all the posts. Otherwise I cannot count your Submission.

A-ha! Umm what else do I need to submit? Can it be the photo I use here? 😊 sorry it's my first time to join...

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