🍕#PizzaGate Part 20: BLogo & LBLogo Origins (DTube)

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In #PizzaGate Part 20, I go over the origins and meanings behind the now infamous “Boy Lover” Logo (BLogo) and “Little Boy Lover” Logo (LBLogo) which were revealed through a FBI document released by WikiLeaks. In Part 12 I went over these pedophile logos and symbols to illustrate what they were and their widespread usage, as well as their coverage by the mainstream media. In this particular video I look at the founders of the logos and what their particular reasoning for making them were.

The founder of the BLogo is a person by the username “Kalos” whom was later identified as Paul Blanchard. He designed the BLogo as a small triangle inside a larger triangle, but able to be drawn in one continuous line. This design symbolizes a small boy with an adult, or even an older boy.

The founders of the LBLogo are “Night Raven”, later identified as Jeffrey Brisson, and “Aztram”, whom was later identified as John Spurling. They created the LBLogo design because they wanted a more accurate logo than the original BLogo to represent their preference for children. They used the BLogo as a starting base, but designed it in a way to make it appear as if a little boy had drawn it, hence the round edges in the design. They came up with this design while handing out with “YFs” which means “young friends”, which is what they consider the children they are around.

The BLogo and LBLogo illustrate the pride that pedophiles have in representing who they are to other pedophiles, with hopes of making pedophilia one day legalized. It is important to understand that they have warped reality and to them, they are the ones being victimized by society.

Furthermore, Night Raven and Aztram were arrested in 2008 after being caught filming and abusing a 14 year old boy, and a … 3 month old girl…. This is truly disgusting!

Also in this video I go over some of updates in the #PizzaGate world including:

  • Recap on the March 25th DC #PizzaGate / #PedoGate protest and their boost to online interest
  • Alex Jones Apology to James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong
  • Dr. Phil’s segment on international pedo rings #redpill
  • Pierre Trudeau, former Canada Prime Minister and father of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has a children’s abuse foundation which as the Boy Lover logo shown blatantly in their annual report! #wow
  • 4Chan predicted David Brock’s “heart attack”
  • Donald Trump mentioned #PizzaGate and #WeinerGate in the same sentence back in 2011… #LifeIsStrange

The #PizzaGate scandal is only getting started, and is just getting crazier and crazier.

Stay Tuned for #PizzaGate Part 21…

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▶️ DTube

In #PizzaGate Part 20 I discuss the origins of the BLogo & LBLogo and show how the founders were thrown in jail for unspeakable abuse…

View my video notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@mes/video-notes-pizzagate-part-20-blogo-and-lblogo-origins-alex-jones-apology-dr-phil-red-pill-trudeau-foundation-more

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I followed this story intensely for quite a bit, but sadly think nothing will ever come of it. With your research, do you foresee anything materializing from this alleged scandal/cover up? I still have not seen the media explain away "playing dominoes on cheese or pasta," yet it still sits there on wikileaks w/ zero accountability. Thanks for the update

Well it is important to note that the same people implicated in this are also war criminals responsible for the deaths of millions globally; so don't think anything will come about. But regardless, I do this research to empower and wake up the public. Also the Luzzatto Pool Entertainment email / subsequent baby blogs is a rabbit hole MSM won't dare even touch from a million miles away...

yeah I agree - the original emails that kicked off all of it seem to be forgotten. The pool party, dominoes, handkerchief, traffic being "really warm and weird in light of Hastert." Then the Jimmy Comet emails/instagram account...the source phrases and images, I think, have long been long forgotten in this research. It seemed like any easy one to attack

Ahhh yes. It appears that this short attention span is the main ingredient for the ruling elite to maintain control. I will be going over the emails in later parts because I think we are just scratching the surface.

excellent - I think when people see the actual emails and the text, context of the text, and names attached to the emails, it is eye opening. There is no doubt that there is some type of code being used; again, it's pathetic that the media hasn't addressed any of this code (aside from apologists just saying "so what, they like pizza...what's the big deal.)

Yup. The media silence is actually why I jumped in. Prior to #PizzaGate, I've always thought the media wants to obtain as much viewers as possible. But their silence was so glaring! And definitely some code being used. The most powerful people (publicly at least) in the world having a strange affinity for pizza, hot-dogs, "pizza for an hour", etc., is not something anyone should casually take lightly..

Very cute as bad funny your post my friend.lblike your post.@mes

Excellent research as always. Upvoted and resteemed. Do you think that the sealed indictments are for any of the big names involved in pizzagate? When this news first broke, I was obsessed with researching it. Unfortunately we as investigators have kind of hit a wall in a way. I truly hope that something is being done behind the scenes to bring these people to justice. What is your honest opinion on that?