My 2 year old daughter is a car fanatic, so I bought her a electric car.

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When I was a little boy, I was a massive car fan

Rolling on 36 years, it turns out my little daughter is already a car fanatic.

She knows most of the car brands, and strangers are shocked when they get out of their car, and she tells me, 'look dad!, a BMW', or 'mummy look, big Cadillac'. I am so proud of her, and this was without me influencing her.

The other week I bought her a little electric Fiat 500 Convertible.


It has many good details, and cool extras including, a sound system, lights, sound effects, seatbelts etc.


My goal is to buy her a real car soon and to restore it, so we can work on it together as she grows up.

What BMW shall I buy her?


Awesome little car for her.

Thank you :) What is your first name? Thank you for your continuous support :)

Fantastic motor the 500 in model or real car, buy here an early 500 Abarth to restore

Thank you, Ben. She hasn't been able to go on it yet, due to the snow :'( I cant wait to build it :)