The time that I was millimeters from death

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Hello, I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Christmas :).

About 5 years ago I met a friend of the family for the first time (I shall call him Sergey for the sake of this story).

He had a wonderful car which his dad gave him.

It was a 2012 BMW 550i, with only 30000km on the clock, a very cool car for a 21-year-old to drive.


It was a beautiful car, grey on black, full electrics, etc. It is basically the best F10 5 Series which isn't an Alpina or an ///M product.

Anyway, we decided to meet up one night for a chat, and a cruise.

He started to drive fast but was still being sensible.

We went to a nice location along Moscow river, watching all the other males and the rare female, thrashing their BMWs Mercs, Rolls Royces. It was funny to watch.

Sergey said they were all to slow, but I didn't react.

The trip home was a totally different experience.

We got in, and he basically floored it everywhere, being a rear-wheel drive, on the Russian winter roads, you should know its not the best thing to do.

The roads were quite clear so I didn't think much of it. He asked, "Am I scared yet?" and I told him, "I don't really get scared of peoples driving". He said, "ok" while looking confused, bear in mind he was doing about 150km/h in a 60.

I noticed further ahead a fast-flowing bunch of cars driving at the speed limit.

Sergey was not best pleased and put the car into Sports mode.

He started tailgating the cars ahead, flashing them out the way, but they ignored him. This is when he started driving crazy by squeezing in every possible gap, in the traffic. Cars started flashing and beeping at him. I wasn't scared yet, but more annoyed at putting others at risk.

In Russia, there are many roads with 5 lanes. He noticed that the far inside lane had a big possible gap, so he overtook the lorry on the right while booting it again. He realised that the lane was empty for a reason.

There was a massive lorry parked up collecting snow. He slammed on the brakes, and the car tried correcting his driving. He managed to squeeze in between the lorry and the car in the lane next to it. My Head was so close to coming in contact with the back of the lorry (in other words I was at the exact point, where my the lorry could have cut my head off). I was expecting A-pillar to come in contact. I was into much shock to be scared. Sergey quickly drove sensible after that. Sergey also had his BMW taken off of him, and he was bought a Kia Rio.

It's not the first time in Russia, that I have been close to this situation. I can write more if it interests you, lol.