I wish my mother-in-law hadn't sold this.

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I married my wonderful wife back in 2013, before moving over to Russia to start my new life in the wonderful city of Moscow.

I remember going to Moscow and seeing my future mother-in-laws Lada, sitting in her garage.

It was a very clean one.


To find a lada in this condition, with such low km (18000) was something special.

Her mum was extremely happy that I liked it. I told her I had never been in a Lada before and she let me look around it.

I told her I would love to keep it in good condition for her, as she never drove it much. She was happy I could fix cars.

When I moved to Russia, I was very excited about getting to know her special car.

Unfortunately, she sold it to a young lad, who wanted to buy it. He said how much it was worth, and she said ok and sold it for £300. It was worth a lot more than that, as it had no rust, low KM, full-service history etc. I was very gutted because I started learning about Ladas to keep me busy.

Anyway, I hope you like this lovely little Lada.


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Thank you for the advice. I am very grateful. Unfortunately, peakd doesn't seem to work fully in Russia. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year.

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Thank you for your help!! :)

Pretty well preserved 👌🏼

Thank you :) She was very tidy :) cheers

Very good of her👍🏼😀

I had a Lada Niva here in Australia 👍

oh really! Great cars! My friend used to have a Mercedes powered one. I think it was when her husband was in the army.

Fun car's I did a lot of off road traveling in it👍

Hello. Very nice Lada. Excellent condition. If you like cars, send posts here: https://peakd.com/c/hive-177841/created

Oh cool. I have plenty of photos of many cars. Cheers :)

Great, you're welcome