My first time in my Dads lorry, almost ended in tears.

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Back when I was about 8, I went into my Dads lorry. I don't have any pictures of it at the moment, so I'll have to find a look-alike.

I believe it was a 1984 Mercedes 1213 7.5 tonne hiab lorry. I really don't know much about Lorries.

I remember when he started the vehicle up, it gave a massive beep noise for a few minutes. Basically in England, we have a special device which keeps an eye on all the miles and driving time you have covered. It's the law.


My dad used to do lorry driving in his spare time, whilst running a successful steel erecting company.

The reason I was in my dad's lorry, was due to his dad dying, and we had to remove a lot of heavy metalwork from my grandad's farm.


While driving to the scrapyard, to dump off the metal, dad decided to drop his friends into town. It was a 2 seater, but the area in the middle was massive. I think I was sitting on the engine cover. My dad was in the driver's seat, I was squashed next to him. One of his friends was next to me, and two other guys were squished together on the seat.

My father went around the roundabout very quick, and it quickly became apparent that the passenger door wasn't closed.

The door flew open and his friend was hanging on for dear life.
He was pulled back into the can, while everyone just laughed. Let us just say he kept checking the door was properly shut from then on.


🤣 at least it ended well.