New Carnivorous Plants from Seed. Hoping for a Binata Mulifida

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Here's the newest member of the carnivorous plant family.


I'm actually not sure what kind of plant this is as of yet because it's so so small. I have put seed in the fountain several times this year and this one is the first sign of growth.


Here's my fountain which sits next to me in my office and has a grow light on it and it runs 24/7 with distilled water. I have put seeds here many times and this is the first one to actually grow (This year that is).


I saw something green about a month ago and I used a microscope to find out if it might be alive or what. But now I see that it's growing a shoot that's shooting upward. Here is the plant next to a normal sized pill for scale.


Here are the shelves of the fountain on the left side. At the top, you will see a shoot from the spider Venus flytrap. And two shelves below you will see a leaf from the butterwort.

If successful, these shoots will grow baby plants at the base where they touch the Moss. This is one of two ways to create a new plant of the carnivorous type. The other way is from seed which is happening in the second photo, but I do not know what kind of plant it will be as of yet.

I am hoping for a Drosera Binata Multifida pictured here...


I had one and it flowered only one time - those were the seeds I put down months ago...

Thank you for stopping in to see what is happening. We are all learning to grow things together.

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