Moon Secrets

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from Vibes of Cosmos channel

A lot of work went into this, none of it mine. I have a Big Picture, inspired by presentations like this one, that is smaller than the Big Picture others try to paint for me. If your mind has not been previously blown, then this has potential.


Mine blown ... awesome!!!

Love the MySpace address. 👍🏿

You used to be able to hear my demos there - the audio links don't work these days, and I never uploaded them to soundcloud. Someday I might get my hive shit together.

This and MySpace is all I've ever had. I've still never been to the face one of instawhatever it's called, none of them.

MySpace was the shit back in the day. I never wrote anything or anything but all my favorite artists would list their show dates.

It was a great way to keep up with local music - great bands, open jams, songwriters and comedians🎷