Play The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 and win up to 1,000 SAND 🤑

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Hey everyone,

Have you already heard about the "metaverse game" The Sandbox? Well, if you haven't so far you should really check it out because it's not only fun but you could also win up to 1,000 SAND token ($3,300!) 🤩 This is a chance you shouldn't miss, so keep reading to get more information about the Alpha Season 2.



What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a game similar to Minecraft where you explore different experiences, meet other people and complete quests. The game combines gaming with crypto within it's metaverse, you'll see a lot of NFTs in the lands you visit and you can buy/sell different NFTs which can be used ingame, like a special sword or super cool shoes. The game is free to play and currently available for PC and MAC.



How to start

Starting is actually not that difficult. I'll explain the steps anyways, just to make sure you won't have any trouble getting started. You need to...

  • Create an account here. You can use email, your social accounts or Web 3 wallets like Metamask. I'll recommend Metamask because it's the easiest way to create an account and already connects your ETH address with your account.



  • Download the game and install it. This should be easy and finished quite quickly (depending on your download speed). There is a Windows and a MacOS version.



  • Login with your email & password attached to your account and start playing 😎

Win up to 1,000 SAND

Okay, but how can your earn/win some SAND token? Well, there are weekly challenges where you can do certain things, like replying on a tweet or answering a survey which give you a chance to win an Alpha Season 2 pass. The other way is to earn tickets for the big raffle where lots of season passes will be given away.

Let me explain more about the way you earn tickets. There are over 35 experiences in The Sandbox for you to check out. Some of them will come with "Alpha Progression" which means there are quests which will help you lvl up and earn more tickets.



So what you basically need to do is load an experience where you haven't finished the quests yet and complete all of them. Some quests are pretty simple, like visit certain places on the land but others can be quite tricky to complete, like mastering a parkour. All these activities are quite fun and most of them shouldn't take too much time as well.



You can earn up to 500 Tickets by doing quests ingame and there are a couple of other activities that will grant you some extra tickets as well. But hurry! You can only earn tickets until the 31st March 2022, so if you want to participate in the raffle you should start soon.



If you win a Season Alpha pass you'll be notified on your account page and an email will be sent to you. Claiming the pass will take gas fees though (probably ETH worth ~ $20) because it's a NFT which has be transfered to you. But paying those fees should be okay when you receive 1,000 SAND in return.

Good luck everyone & if you have any question feel free to aks them under this post or contact me on Discord (btcsam#0174) ✌


This is awesome. I like the sound of sandbox. I can also win prices. All I need to do is install it. I thought you needed a nft to play it, like a p2e game. Now it's free I can try it !

thanks for this post, Sandbox intrigues me more and more. I had logged in several weeks ago, but I have never used the application. I will enter in the Sandbox metaverse next week end

Awesome. The current Alpha Season 2 is running till the end of the month though!

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